What To Do? Where To Go? And How To Get There?: Thoughts, Ideas, and Opinnions Welcome

What To Do? Where To Go? And How To Get There?: Thoughts, Ideas, and Opinnions Welcome

Good evening campbellsworld Visitors! I hope this evening finds you the most awesome you have ever been. Here in The Campbell Kingdom we are doing OK and as you know we are getting ready to make a major change in our lives.

I have some things rolling round in my head, and would like to take a moment or two to share them with you.

As you know, when I began my writing career with the publishing with my book in 2014 and then continued with the creating of The Neighborhood News, and this blog sometime later my mission was and still is to raise awareness of persons with multiple disAbilities, with the focus being on blindness, and mental illness. As well as the raising awareness of domestic violence. Although I have faced both financial and technological struggles, and it has been rather slow going, I feel I have made a bit of progress with this dream. However at the present time due to my technological difficulties, and my newsletter The Neighborhood News only being available here on the blog I have a few concerns. I feel I have lost touch with many of my original subscribers. I am concerned for those who have paid ads and I am worried that I am not meeting my obligations to anyone. This is where you, the reader can help. We here at campbellsworld, and The Neighborhood News really need to hear from you. Due to the way The Neighborhood News is posted it doesn’t appear in your in boxes as the blog posts such as this one does when you follow. You have to click he newsletter link to see it each month. I am going to start posting an announcement from this month forward to let people know that the issue has been released, but if you’re reading I’d like to know. For good or ill your feedback, is extremely important for the continuation of my work. What are some things I’d like to know?
* Are you reading?
* Are you enjoying what you read?
* Are there things you simply do not like?
* Are there things you’d like to see more of?
* Are there things you’re not seeing that you’d like to see?

These questions are for The Neighborhood News and the blog.

To those who are paid advertisers, I have questions for you as well.
* Do you have concerns? If so, what are they?
* Are you seeing business as a result of your ads?
* If you’re not sure, how do you think I can help you find out?

Sound off everyone! Feel free to post here in the comment section, private message me, or email me. I truly wish to hear from you. I cannot know what needs fixing, if I do not know what is broken. I cannot know what to write or provide more of, if I do not know what you all like. I have a few readers who like posts here when they read and enjoy and that is also a form of feedback, and is much appreciated. I have even been fortunate to have been reblogged a few times, and that was a great complement to be sure, and if you are so moved you are more than welcome to share this post. Why? Because there might be a Neighborhood News subscriber who doesn’t know the news is available here, or there might be someone looking for the things we offer here and they might like to know of us. You cannot know how helpful it is when you share a post, or a link. It is a great thing, and has at times led to my being able to help others. So please feel free.

Another topic I’d like to cover this evening is the post I put up about a month or so ago. ‘Finding My Way Back’ This was concerning the possibility of my second book, The Raw Truth: Campbell’s Rambles: Book Two being done as a blog series. I am unsure if this will happen or not, and while I am hopeful I see a few possible problems with this, and would like to share those concerns.

First off I hope to release two chapters or so per month, but this means there is going to need to be some editing work, and while I have some great assistance, and even though soon I’ll be moving into a situation where my income will be freed up a bit, I have some very pressing debts to pay off, and the reality is I cannot expect someone to absolutely commit to a release schedule as I envision without some compensation and rightfully so. I mean, come on! That’s allot of work, and of course people are going to put their own materials and their paying clients before any other, and I would expect no less. So again, I am looking for suggestions.

I am willing to listen to, and consider all ideas, and all I ask of you is that you be kind and polite when making your comments. I realize I have not been the easiest person to live with at times, but as I said, I have had some awesome things happen to me of late, and just last week during my birthday I received over 100 messages of happy birthday and well wishes, and it was a wondrous and humbling experience to be sure. It let me know that even though my bipolar has been raising its ugly head of late there are still folks who love and care about me, and even though I am rather frightened and a bit emotional about all that lies ahead, I know that I have lots of support.

So, what say you readers? Let me hear from you, and please? Don’t be afraid to speak. Just as I have asked you to be kind and polite with your responses, so will I be.

For now, this is Patty and King Campbell AKA the Snoozing Bubba saying…
May harmony find you, and blessid be.


  1. One thing I will say, is apologies your November newsletter is late from Patty. It should be out tomorrow. I got a tad busy.

    1. No need to apologize Claire. You are just starting, and building a business and I am lucky to have your help. This whole situation is somehow going to resolve itself. I am determineed to continue, and I am going to hopefully by spring have a new computer and possibly some editing software which will make all our worlds easier. I hate to admit it but what with all that is going on in my world right now I’m in a bit of panic mode, but as they say, “This too shall pass” I am hopeful that folks who read the newsletter and advertise in it will comment or contact me. I’d love to have everyone’s feedback. Unfortunately my computer will not let me have the subscriber info for the newsletter, so I think over the next few days I’m going to go through the products and services and contact everyone through their business. Anyone out there reading let us know. We really want to keep on keeping on. Thanks have a great day/night.

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