What Is Success? – Guest Post by Tina Frisco…

What Is Success? – Guest Post by Tina Frisco…

Here’s what I learned about Success from a dear friend of mine. Read these words he wrote to me, then click the source link here, and enjoy.

Congratulations on your success! Yes, success. All successful people (writers are people too!) get criticized – a lot. There is an entire industry based on criticizing books, movies, plays, sports, cars, etc.… the list goes on forever.

Don’t let the criticism get to you. You put in the work, you made it happen – only you get to decide if it turned out the way you intended. No one else is qualified. Forge ahead, do what is in your heart, write your books, sing your songs, dance your dance – be you. Everyone else can worry about being themselves!”

Used with the kind permission of now retired John Keane of The Seeing Eye.

Source: What Is Success? – Guest Post by Tina Frisco…


  1. Thanks for sharing, Patty 😃

    1. You’re welcome.

      Sometimes I think people get the wrong idea of what Success is. I sure did for a long time.

  2. Thank so much for reblogging, Patty. I love your intro! So often we allow our feelings to be swayed by others. One of my favorite quotes is by Eleanor Roosevelt: No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. ❤

    1. That’s another awesome one, to be sure.

      The friend’s words were written to me during a time of great struggle, strife, and self-loathing.

      I was smothering in my own guilt. Punnishing myself for something I knew I’d done, and believed I’d ruined the success of my writing.

      He was trying to show me, that it was mine to have.

      1. What a great friend, and obviously he succeeded. I’m sure life is a lot more gratifying now ❤

        1. It took a bit more time, and a few more situations, but I’m well on the road he’d intended helping me find.

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