What I Learned While Working At Contact

What I Learned While Working At Contact

I'm back again to talk about something that I have found to be very useful over the years.

As many of you know, I used to be the Volunteer Coordinator for an organization called Contact Concern of, Northeast Tennessee. This organization is a telephone helpline hotline, which takes calls to assist those in need.

Now, they do lots of things there and if you'd like to learn more about them, make sure to check out the link, at the end of this post.

What I want to talk about tonight is something I learned while working there.

Now, I wasn't always their Volunteer Coordinator. When I first began, I was a volunteer myself. I have to say, I think everyone should start out that way, in that organization, why? Well, because while I was working as a volunteer the one very important thing I learned was, what seemed trivial to me, was to another, very important. So, even when I needed to try and advise them to not worry so hard about an issue, and when I needed to explain that it might be a good idea to pull back from a situation, and take a different approach, I tried, never ever to make them feel that what they were feeling at the time was not important.

Even if it were something as simple as someone's feelings being hurt because a friend did not always want to talk, or go somewhere with them for the day.

I had one caller, who only wanted someone to listen to him read something he wrote.

This, to some, seemed a very small thing, and I was asked many times why we had to waist our time with things like that.

My answer? Because to this person, what they're doing is to them, very important, and all they're looking for is just a little validation.

Now, I know that all of us put value on different things, and, I know that some take little interest in the small stuff, but we should never, ever make another feel small, even if we think what they're concerned over is the most insignificant thing on earth.

I sometimes get things stuck in my head, and I just have to verbalize in some way how I feel.

Sometimes, I have good reason, and sometimes, I can only talk about how I feel, and cannot talk about the why.

At those times, to me what I'm feeling is the most important thing ever, and even though, I know in my heart of hearts, that it might not be all that much, I have to speak on it, and I am doing that now.

All I'm saying here, is we should always, without fail, consider another's feelings, and be careful to not belittle their need.

For now, this is Patty, who is trying to learn to be more considerate, of how others feel, and King Campbell the Super Seeing Eye Dog saying…
May harmony find you, and blessid be.


  1. My apologies ladies and gents.

    My phone wrang, and I forgot to add the link to Contact Concern. LOL!

    Here it is http://CONTACTCONCERN.org

    Blessid Be.

  2. I remember very clearly a particularly bad day on the job several years ago. I was barely hanging on by a thread. A person called me to talk about an educational program they wanted to present (it was my job to manage such things) and they had some questions about the application. I talked them through it, and they thanked me. There was something about the way they did it that literally made me burst into tears. I told them that they had no idea how much their kindness meant to me right then, and I was sorry that I cried. That was when that kind person on the other end of the phone said “You know, I have had days like that. I know what it is … and that is why I make sure to always thank people. Someone did it for me, and I realized that it kind of saved me that day.”

    If I’m completely honest, that kind thank you saved me, too. And now I do my best to do the same thing.

    You did something very important the day you listened to that person read. It was not a waste of time.

    1. I loved my work at Contact Concern. It was way rewarding.

      I’ve been trying to find the URL to the article I wrote that told how I got my start there. It was lots of neat stuff, and had info in it about several things.

      If you, or anyone is interested enough to enter into the search field

      Disability Inclusion In a Big Way

      You can read how I started as a volunteer, and became a VISTA and learned a ton about life.

      Tought a bit too. 😊


      Is that not what we’re here for? To learn, and teach, and grow?

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