What I Hear

What I Hear

Good evening CAMPBELLSWORLD VISITORS!!! I hope you’ve had a great day, or at least a pretty OK one. Here in the Campbell Kingdom, I’m still Puny, as my daddy says. I’m working on not letting it get me down.

This evening, I’ve just been hanging out. Just finished a really great book series. I’ll write about it at a later time, but I want to talk about one thing that I began to take note of while reading this book. Noises. In this series there were lots of descriptions of battles. Hand to hand combat. Descriptions of bodies being ripped apart. Descriptions of explosions, and what the Earth itself sounded like when an Earthquake or Volcano erupted. I began to take random moments out of my day, turn everything off, radio phone, computer, book, everything, and just listen. Listen while I sat in the bathroom taking my morning necessary. Sitting in a tub of warm water. Lying in my bed late at night. Sitting in my favorite spot in the living room early in the morning. Sometimes with windows open, and sometimes not. You’d be amazed at the different sounds I heard. I heard sounds people make when they do things I bet they don’t even know they make. I’ve heard noises from my own self I did not realize I was making. Taking the time to really listen to myself, and what is around me has been awesome. It can at times be sad as well. Sometimes I accidentally over hear snippets of conversation as people are walking down the street, to or from their cars, etc. and sometimes the things I hear are nothing, sometimes they’re funny, and sometimes they’re sad. Sad because I don’t think any of us, me included think nearly enough about the things we say, or the way that we say them. Sometimes I think people, me included, get so caught up in what they’re doing, feeling, thinking, that the moment they’re in takes the brunt of the bad from whatever else is going on. Being over stimulated however, is in my opinion no excuse. I have challenged myself, and am hopeful that I am up to this challenge.

I have yet again Committed Myself to the Four Agreements.

* Be impeccable with your word.
* Don’t assume anything.
* Don’t take anything personally.
* Always do your best.

Then I’m going to take it one step further. I’m going to challenge myself to be…
* Impeccable with my Actions, and Reactions.
* My Thoughts, and Hidden Feelings.

I really do wish to be a better person. I’ve been laughed at for saying that. In fact in the not so distant past. However, my Reaction, once again, was wrong. I did better than before handling it. I am hopeful that this time round taught me even more about how I don’t want to do it in the future if there is one where this issue is concerned, and I can almost be sure there will be. It is going to be of no matter. In this challenge, I am going to be victorious. No, I won’t be perfect at it. No one is ever so. I am however, going to get better at it.

I hope you’ll go along with me on this journey and take the challenge in some form in your own life.

Until next time, this is Patty, and King Campbell Lee the Best Friend a Redneck Girl from Tennessee Ever Had Saying…
May harmony find you, and blessid be.

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