What Facebook’s Latest Changes Mean for you


  1. I envy your success! Many thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Hi.

      You’re welcome for the reblog. As to Facebook, all the time I’ve been using it, people laughed at me for writing so much, told me my posts were too long, too conversational, now, while other people are having their stuff blocked, being knocked off, and all kinds of stuff, I’m still gaining friends and followers, have 3 groups of my own 4 FB pages, and maintain a couple others for clients.

      Even when I post links, I make sure to write a little comment to go along with them. Always react rather than just like, and whenever possible make a comment on posts.

      Who knew being a chatter box would pay off?

      I also have a day or two a week, after I’ve posted direct links to my blog, where I copy and paste the entire posts into the write something field, for those people, and there are lots who just don’t do blogs.

      It’s a bit time consuming but it’s worth it.

      Also, rather than pay for boosting services, which I find to be a huge waste of time since most of the following and liking done by that is bots, I send out my invites to follow and like pages, and I always before the new changes in inviting guests to groups wrote PMS so people would have the option to decline invites to groups if they didn’t want to be there.

      It just seemed to me “Social Media” Meant to be “Social”

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