What Editing Software Can Teach You about Your Writing


  1. I wish I could answer that for you; I’d be very interested in any responses. Many thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Hi, Nicholas, I have several blind followers, and some are published authors, so I’m hopeful they’ll be able to help me out.

      One of the largest issues that I face is mispelled

    2. Shoot, CNA came in and started talking to me, and I hit post before I was done. Sorry! LOL!

      Got excited, she brought coffee…

      Anyhow, as I was saying, one of the biggest problems I face is misspelled words due to mostly reading via audio.

      Words that sound the same, and have different spellings and meanings, are the hardest.

      The other is paragraph breaks. Since the advent of the computer, and not needing to hit enter with every line, I get lost in the writing, and forget about procedure.

      Thanks be, that I have a great editor publisher.

      Claire Plaisted of Plaisted Publishing House, is wonderful at her work, and when she corrects, she teaches.

      The last editor publisher I had would make me feel dumb when she wrote my mistakes out, and also would correct notes I wrote just for pleasure. It got so I couldn’t type for worrying about it all the time, and it messed with my self-confidents.

      Now, it’s a whole new world. If anyone reads my older work, and then my newer, they’ll see huge differences for the good.

      And now…Coffee!

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