What Do You Think? Your Thoughts Matter

What Do You Think? Your Thoughts Matter

Good morning! Again, CAMPBELLSWORLD VISITORS! So glad you dropped back by. Campbell and I are hanging out, listening to podcasts, and waiting out the rain. We decided we could see no need to get wet, so while Campbell catches another snooze, I’m catching up on my news and entertainment interests. I am always behind in these things, because I am such an information hog, that I subscribe to allot. I want to learn allot of stuff.

Well, that kind of goes along with my topic for this morning. What Do You Think? Your Thoughts Matter.

Here’s the deal; I’ve found myself engaged in debate with folks concerning differing opinions on things like music, politics, and religion, and I have tried voicing my opinions on such, and have been met with some resistance.

First off, I guess I understand the human’s need to be right. Unfortunately I suffer from this somewhat too. Else I wouldn’t be writing this now.

However, isn’t it also good for folks to have some differences, shouldn’t we all be unique in our own right, like different things, dislike different things, and should we all not be allowed to speak on what we feel? Why do people write about things if they’re going to become upset when someone writes and speaks against it?

I have at times gotten a bit sensitive concerning the ways in which people replied to me, but I never discourage them from having their own feelings and opinions. I certainly do not expect everyone to agre with me.

Along with that, should persons writing about specific topics know the opposite information as well as the info they agree with? Meaning, if I make a comment concerning something they’ve written, and I oppose it should they not know enough about what I am talking about on my side of the equation to debate me?

I guess I just do not understand being uninformed. My teachers have always taught me Ill-Informed Is… Ill-Prepared.

So, What Do You Think? Your Thoughts Matter.



* The world is not perfect. So I need not be perfect.

* There is no right way, no wrong way, just a way.

* I know I’m alive, because I can look behind me, and see the rest of my life.

* If you don’t want people to know how you are, don’t be that way.

* Be yourself, everyone else is taken.

* The only constant in life is change.

* Today is yesterday’s tomorrow, and tomorrow is another day.

* Love always, laugh often, live to the best of your ability, and try not to repeat mistakes.

* accept what you cannot change. Change that which you can.

* Happiness is a choice.

* We allow No one makes.

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  1. Tried to post this a moment ago. I am correcting one of my affirmations. I accidentally wrote, “I know I am alive because I can look behind me and see the rest of my life” I meant, “I know I am alive because I can look behind me and see the wreckage of my life” but if you think about don’t they both kind of say the same? Don’t we have to see the wreckage, to know what we want the rest to be instead of what it has been?
    Just a thought on thoughts…

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