What Do YOU Think?

What Do YOU Think?

So, Authors of, campbellsworld, what do you think? Want to know what I think? Well, I’m going to say…

I think it depends upon what you mean by “Help” If you mean, a beta reader, then yes, I’ll help. If you mean someone to critique, yes, I’ll help, maybe those are one and the same, not sure. I’ll say this, if you ask me my opinion, you’ll get it, straight up and no fluff.

You’ll never be a great writer without some spit and polish, and usually that means more spit than polish.

I will not, write someone’s work, meaning, I’m not going to redo half a book for someone. I had a friend who got mad, cause her editor would not rewrite half her book.

Well, hell! You want a ghost writer, then send your outline to me, and pay my fee, then we’ll talk, but you’re still gonna have to listen to what I say, so may as well take Dan’s advice, and “Get off your ass, and do it yourself.”

So, what say you? Let’s have an “Authorey conversation.”

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