What Are You Reading?

What Are You Reading?

via What Are You Reading?The blogger asks a great question here, and she also gives a great little review of what she’s reading. 

I so do enjoy reviews that don’t give me play-by-play of the book but rather that speak to the author, their writing style, and why the reader enjoyed it.

As for me, and what I’m reading, I’m a series fan. I’ve gotten hooked onto the Jack Ryan series, and am now reading book 14.

I read via mainly audio books from either the bard.loc.gov/nls site, or audible.com thus I’ve lots of time to read.

I read when I clean, eat, and as I’m riding the bus to and from where ever my guide dog and I might happen to go.

I read while waiting at the doctor’s office, and I read at night while dozing in bed or relaxing on my back deck.

I don’t own a tV but not because I cannot see it, but because I feel TV is Bubble-gum for the brain, while books are the candy.

So, bloggers, what are you reading?


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