We’re All On Our Own Journey

We’re All On Our Own Journey

Hello CAMPBELLSWORLD VISITORS! I’m so very glad you stopped by today! It’s always such a pleasure to write, knowing there will be people who will read, and I always hope that you will enjoy what I have to say.

Of course we cannot all like or agree with everything someone feels, does, says, or believes, and that is what I want to talk about today.

A week or so back someone wrote and suggested I no longer write such things as what I wrote of just before Christmas concerning an event that took place during January of 2012. They suggested I write of new and different subject matter, and give no more thought to those things of which I wrote.

This led to a conversation during which I found myself justifying why I wrote as I did. This in turn made me upset, and made me feel as if what I felt was not important. I, however took a large step back from the issue, took a breath, and realized once again that, firstly no one could make me feel anything I did not wish them to, and secondly they were in a different place in their life, had no idea of what I was feeling or thinking when I wrote what I did, and that obviously they could not see the reasons I wrote as I did.

That all in of itself made a huge difference in the way in which I handled the issue from that point forward. This probably salvaged a friendship before it could be destroyed, because before that moment where I found myself able to recognize the differences in our lives and abilities to understand my situation I was feeling pretty explosive. I am proud to say I did not explode, and in fact have just now finally gotten round to answering the final message, and basically what I decided is that we are all on different journeys, and in different stages of our lives. I am in my midlife, and am at a point where I am doing allot of reflecting on what I’ve accomplished thus far, and allot of trying to figure out where I want to go from here. I am trying to purge some of the horrors that have worked their way into my life over the years for various reasons, and for me writing about some of those horrors was healthy and quite necessary, and it simply did not need to matter that the other could not see how necessary for me that truly was.

I agree with their opinion of “Talking about the past doesn’t change it.” That is true. Point was and is, I wasn’t attempting to change a thing, just needed to clean out an old injury to my heart, and soul. As well as my spirit.

That’s the next thing I want to speak on…

Not all of us carry a spiritual belief system. Some believe in nothing at all, and while I myself cannot possibly imagine a day without feeling the Holy Spirit of God and Goddess in my heart I suppose that for some it is just too much to comprehend, and rather than try and convince them different, and shove my beliefs down their throats, which I simply do not agree with I have decided to let my light shine and my life can be its own testimony. That is after all how we’re advised no matter what scriptures you read and adhere to.

Ladies and gents, that’s it in a nutshell. I’m on my life path, and everyone else is on theirs. I still stand by my affirmations of…

“There is no right way, no wrong way, just a way.”

I also still believe…
“The world is not perfect, so I need not be perfect.”

I also hold tightly to, “Take a chance, there’s a 50 % chance you’ll be right.”

I also know without having to be told there are also times when you will “Take a chance and find the 50 % of wrong.” Goddess knows I’ve done enough of that.

I have spoken all I can about certain things. Others will be told in my second book, which will be posted in series form here on this blog, starting in January of 2017.

I have also been asked several questions about my Lady MoonWalker series, which I am delighted to say has gotten some real attention. I received a message last week asking if I were actually going to write a complete series, and if I’d considered turning it into an actual book. The answer to both those questions is yes. I just have to get a few things settled financially before I can proceed with anything.

I am still hopeful of having my Bubba Tails turned into a play, and I am also hopeful of actually being able to become able to pay off entirely my first book and actually publish the second as a real book, and have it too recorded by the fine folks at NLS.

As I wrote above, we’re all on our own journey, and I have some great plans for 2017 and beyond. Can I say that even one of those plans will see reality? No, none of us can, but I can sure say I’m gonna make a good try at it, and I am going to hope hope and did I mention hope? That I find the 50 % of right.

Until next time this is Patty, and the ever faithful Seeing Eye Dog King Campbell AKA Bubba saying…

May harmony find you, and blessid be.

***!!!!KINg CAMPBELL Here!!!***

Just so you all remember, it is the end of the year, and time to make those end of the year donations! Please if you would make your end of the year donations to my original home land, the most ancient and magickal place in the world… The Seeing Eye. If you do, please tell them that King Campbell Lee Fletcher AKA Bubba sent you. Make sure to visit http://TheSeeingEye.org
And thanks so very much in advance for doing it if you do.

Oh! Yes! One more thing, make sure to say a big hello to all those most awesome wise and ancient trainers We are doing AWESOME here in the Campbell Kingdom, and we sure hope one day to visit my original home land again.

Thanks yall, and blessid be.

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