“Well? I’m Glad For All Yall”

“Well? I’m Glad For All Yall”

“Well? I’m Glad For All Yall” 

Patty L Fletcher  –  November 9 2015

Thanksgiving that year dawned with all the excitement of cooking, cleaning and getting ready for the big day ahead. I was to celebrate with two families that year.

I would have lunch with my now EX fiancé Donnie, and his son, as well as a few friends, and then go to my father’s house for a celebration with my daughter, her new family, father, and my sister Mary. 

There was a new addition to the family this year, my very first Seeing Eye Dog, Campbell, AKA King Campbell as I’d taken to calling him shortly after his arrival in my life.

As I’d gone through the morning’s work of making what had always been my mother’s famous chicken and dressing recipe, and running up and down stairs, helping with various tasks, Campbell wagged happily by my side.

He watched with great interest the shredding of the boiled chicken which was to go in to the dressing, and thumped his tail very loudly and licked his lips  in appreciation when a piece “Accidentally” fell to the Floor.

Once I’d  finished with Donnie, his son, our friends, and our mid-day celebration which Campbell had participated in with much interest and enthusiasm,  I  was on my way to my dad’s house for the second meal of the day, and what I hoped would be an awesome visit. I’d chosen to leave Campbell at home in his crate, as he’d already had quite a bit of excitement, and what with my dad’s house being small, and so many people, I simply felt it would be too crowded for my big galoot of a dog to be added to the mix.

As I came through the door of my father’s house I called out, “Happy Thanksgiving! Where are my girls?” My two granddaughters came flying up, but stopped short just a few steps away. The younger of the two, grabbed my sleeve, tugging ever so slightly saying, “You didn’t bring any Campbell” My heart filled with love, at that sweet child’s words,  and as I gathered her in to my arms and took the older one’s hand, and continued in to the house,  I explained why I’d chosen to leave Campbell at home.

Later as we gathered round the table for our meal, I listened as my daughter explained to her oldest what it meant to be grateful. “It means being glad for something.” She said, as we all fell silent and clasped hands.  My oldest granddaughter only hesitated a moment in the silent’s and then as the room fell completely still she said in a clear sure voice,  “Well, I’m glad for all yall.” There was simply nothing else to say. As I reached for my napkin pretending to have something in my eye, I heard my dad whisper, “I didn’t hear her.” My sister who was sitting closest to him, repeated what the youngster had said, and as we began to pass the food, I felt that my heart would burst with love.

Now as I write, thinking of that day’s events, I think of her little voice chiming in to the stillness of that most awesome moment saying,  “Well? I’m glad for all yall.” And my heart is once again filled to bursting with love. 

I invite you, no matter how you celebrate, as we go in to the holiday season, be sure to count absolutely every moment spent with friends, family, and yes, even pets, as a true blessing. Don’t take even one second of those moments for granted, for none of us knows when it could be our very last moments with those who are special in our lives.

Anything can take these special ones away.

Sometimes even the simplest of things can go wrong in just the blink of an eye, and once they do there’s simply no way back to what you had before.

So, have  a happy holiday season, be glad for all those you have, and  from all here in the Campbell Kingdom, until next time this is Campbell and Patty saying,

“May harmony find you, and Blessid Be.”

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