Welcome to 2024 – Day 1 Through 9

Welcome to 2024 – Day 1 Through 9

Hi! Welcome to 2024!

Isn’t it wonderful to be alive?

At the end of 2023, I lost two friends. Each important in their own way.

I was already picking my focus word for 2024 but these losses spurred me onward in one big hurry.

I’ve chosen to share this with you, in hopes it will inspire your own focus and word list for 2024.

Whatever your pleasure, I hope this year brings happiness, joy, kindness and positive change to your lives.

If you dare, come along with me on this wonderful journey.

Focus and Word List for 2024

By Patty L. Fletcher

January 2024

Each year, I pick a word which encompasses my focus for the year.

This year, my word is change. I picked change because I desire to make a change in my life. I’m going to change where I live. I’m going to change how I live.

This year, thanks to a question asked of a group I was chatting in, I’ve a sub focus word as well.

This word is Positivity. I feel if I’m to make the changes mentioned above, positivity is key.

We were asked, “If you were to pick one word for each day of the year, having to do with positivity, what would your first word be?”

This prompted me and now I’ve decided to pick a word having to do with positivity for each day of 2024.

It’s a challenge I feel is worth doing.

So, here is my word list thus far.

January 1, Laughter

January 2, Impeccable

January 3, Patience

January 4, Friendship

January 5, Grace

January 6, Kindness

January 7, Playful

January 8, Forgiveness

January 9, Acceptance.


I must warn you, picking some of these words immediately tossed me into a tailspin with the Universe.

The Universe it seems has a ripping dark sense of humor at times. Picking Patience and Kindness allowed the Universe to test me in some big ways.

Thankfully, I’ve some great friends. One of which had the decency to reach out, ask about how I was feeling, and at no time was ever belittling and never once did they say my feelings weren’t valid.

What that person did was give me an opportunity to think about what was going on with me and why. They allowed me to see the path I’d chosen to travel for that moment in time and allowed me to re-evaluate the situation.

I didn’t like what I saw. I immediately stood down. The rest of the day was devoted to any pursuit which took me away from devices and social media.

I woke the next day with a grand new attitude. I was rested and refreshed. So, if you choose to make true and lasting changes in your life, you can expect to be thoroughly evaluated.

Our Creator is simply making sure we say what we mean and mean what we say.

Come back next time, when I’ll add a word and talk about where I am in my journey.

If you’d like to share your journey here, please feel free to reply to this message.

Thanks for reading.

May Harmony find You.

Blessid Be.



The cover is a deep, candy apple red, with the title, The Blended Lives Chronicles: Sides of the Order at the top in white text. At the bottom is the author’s name, Patty L. Fletcher, also typed in white. Above the author’s name and below the title of the book is a white skeleton key, taking up about 3/4 of the cover space.

The spine of the cover features a white crescent moon on the top left corner of a white number one roman numeral. Below that is the title of the book, followed by the author’s name at the bottom of the spine.

About Patty L. Fletcher

Patty L. Fletcher lives in Kingsport Tennessee where she works full time as a Writer with the goal of bridging the great chasm which separates the disAbled from the non-disAbled. She is Also a Social Media Marketing Assistant.

Follow her for book information and more here: https://www.amazon.com/stores/Patty-L.-Fletcher/author/B00Q9I7RWG?


  1. Tasha Halpert Reply
    January 9, 2024

    Bravo!!! Happy for you. Funny story: a student of mine from our spiritual development classes once told e she was in despair because she was doing so badly, and I told her that no, she was doing well because she was seeing her issues so she could work in them. Also I am reminded or the minister who prayed for patience and The Divine sent him an incompetent secretary. You go girl.

  2. Hi, Tasha.
    Thanks for reading and for sharing your funny stories.
    I’ve not picked a word for today yet. My helper is here. She is helping me rearrange my apartment to make it more amenable for my way of life.
    I might choose help, helper and helping as my focus word today. Help would be the main one.
    I hope you have a blessid day.

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