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Weekly Word from Campbells Kingdom

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June 18-25, 2017

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Campbell, and I hope this posting, finds you, feeling Incredibly! Amazingly! Awesome!

Here, in the Campbell Kingdom, I’m still dealing with Sickness. Campbell’s still dealing with me, dealing with Sickness, so, we’re just a tad-bit-stressed!

Here’s a brief recap…

IMG_3905First of all, I was admitted to Holston Valley for a UTI gone wild, on May 3RD, and then on, May 8TH was transferred to Asbury Place Kingsport, for some much-needed recovery time, and of course, as is always, my sweet Bubba has been right by my side.

If, you’d like to catch up a bit, please see  https://campbellsworld.wordpress.com/05-09-2017-positive-perspective-on-the-other-side-of-the-help-desk-yet-again-making-myself-whole///

https://campbellsworld.wordpress.com/05-14-2017-educating-the-uneducated// https://campbellsworld.wordpress.com/05-24-2017-positive-perspective-educating-the-uneducated-continuing/

Now, here we are, in the month of June. At, the beginning of yet another week, having survived yet another hospitalization, and way, glad, to be, back home. been staying busy, since our returning home, and we’d like to share, a little of what we’ve been up to. 

At the first of the week, with Claire’s help, we posted, another, installment of The Raw Truth: Campbell’s Rambles Book Two, Chapter 3 World of Memories.

Now, here we are, back again, with what is, for a while at least, going to be my weekly original blog post. Not just any old blog post though, no, I’ll be homebound, for the next few weeks. So, I’ll be gathering interesting offerings, from all over, and sharing some of my favorites here.

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As many of you know, I’ve been in and out of hospital for various sicknesses. The following, is a bit of info concerning all that.

I hope this message finds you feeling incredibly well.  If it doesn’t, do not ignore your body. It might be telling you something. I’ve had several write and ask questions.  Going to try and give the condensed version here, and answer some.

Here’s a slight update.

As you know, I was in hospital first of week. I went in Tuesday evening, and remained in the Observation Unit over-night.

As I may have, previously written, the diagnosis upon my discharge, was two infections, one of which was causing me great weakness, and thus, disturbing my heart-rate.

That turned out to be incorrect.

On Friday of this past week, I went back to Doctor, and learned after a very observant doctor examined me, that I have a flutter in my heart-beat, and this is causing the heart to slow. He read my chart notes all the way back to the first of the year, and saw that it was charted various times, that my heart-rate was low. As he investigated further, he began to see a pattern. The result…?

I’ll go to the Heart Center, on, June 29 TO Be fitted with an Event Heart Monitor, and, wear that sucker, for 30 whole long days. Then, we shall see, all the activity of my heart, or lack there-of, and can begin deciding what to do about it. Actually, the, possible diagnosis, is not too bad. I mean it could be worse. Basically means, heart flutters and is slowing. Most likely treatment? Meds! Yea! More, Meds! ! !

Glad, to be sitting in my house, drinking my coffee, listening to my podcasts, and no hospital. Bubba Doggy lying on couch, and for NOW, all is good in our hood.

The weekend has, thus far, been pretty Awesome, all things considered.

On Saturday afternoon, my cleaning ladies, came, to visit, and they brought me a cake. Vanilla with Cream cheese icing.  Later, when Aaron, Michelle, and kids, got back from my sister Mary’s house, I learned there would be Spaghetti, and Salad for dinner, because Mary sent me a plate.  I love her for that.

This post, has some things in it that were written in other places. I took all those tid-bits, and formed a new update.

This is being created on Sunday morning, and I am very grateful, once again, to be here, in my home, with Dog Bubba, snoring happily, and all around me, calm and quiet. There’s nothing like realizing, you might be lucky to be alive.

When I went into the doctor’s office on Friday, sick as I was that day, fever and all, the people out front made comment after comment, about how much better I looked compared to Tuesday, when my heart sent me to hospital.  I’m feeling a bit unsure about all of what’s going on with me. The signals, my body is sending out, are, definite warning signs, of impending doom, should, we not get, a handle on the cause. However, with Campbell continuing by my side, and a plan of action under way, I am handling things a bit better than I was.

For now, as I write above, all is good in our hood.

Thanks for keeping up with us, and blessid be.

*And Now, a word, from our sponsor, who is the Author of the book reviewed, and advertised below.

As well as, the contributor of the first article, which has some, most, excellent advice within.

Breaking barriers: working and loving while blind: a memoir DB76081

Altschul, Peter. Reading time: 6 hours, 50 minutes.
Read by Jack Fox.


Autobiography of blind musician, composer, and social worker Altschul. Describes his youth in New York state, education at Princeton University and the New England Conservatory, and career and marriage. Also discusses his experience obtaining dogs through the Guiding Eyes for the Blind. 2012.
Download Breaking barriers: working and loving while blind: a memoir

Breaking Barriers by Peter Altschul – Reviewed by Patty Fletcher

When I found this book, to be available on the NLS Website http:bard.loc.gov  

Happy didn’t quite qualify me. I downloaded, and read the entire thing in a day and half. It was wonderfully spectacular!

Reading about Peter, and learning all about his life, was a treasure.

When you read someone’s book, especially if it is one they’ve written of themselves, you really get a look inside, and get to see what makes them tick. Turned out, some of what I thought of Peter, wasn’t quite on the mark, and once I read him, I understood him some better.

As I finished his work, and filed it away, I wondered, “So, when he read my book, Campbell’s Rambles: How a Seeing Eye Dog Retrieved My Life, did he understand me any better?”

I like to think that is the case. Here, in the case of Peter’s book, I have to say, I understood him way lots, and to the good.

I enjoyed learning of his hit and miss romance, job search etc. It made me feel better to see that someone who seemed to always have it together, and was so very smart, could have troubles and trials, like the rest. I loved also, reading of his attending a convention, and how he dealt with things.

I enjoyed the descriptions of his Guide Dog experience. I enjoyed learning the similarities, and differences we have as Guide Dog handlers. That’s just how I am. Some people like to compare cars, I like to compare dogs. Why not? That’s what I drive… 4-On-the-Floor, and slick for sure!

Download and Enjoy this most awesome excellent book.

This review was recently published in the ‘Indie Publishing News Magazine’

Created, and Maintained by, Claire Plaisted of Plaisted Publishing House  http://plaistedpublishinghouse.com/ .

Thanks Peter, for the following contribution. I have to be honest here, and say, I high-jacked this, from an Email, Peter sent to me. 😊

How to Handle a Toxic Relationship

When a relationship is causing you stress and suffering, follow these five steps to find peace for yourself.

Christine Carter Yes! Magazine June 22, 2017, 2:39 PM GMT

Last week, I had lunch with a friend.  As we were walking out, she mentioned that she had to see someone who hadn’t always been kind to her, a relationship that caused her more stress and suffering than anything else.  She’d been avoiding the meeting, but now it looked inevitable.

  “She just makes me so anxious,” she said, gritting her teeth. 

I’ve been there myself.  Lots of times.  Seriously toxic relationships call for us to cut off contact altogether; others, though also toxic, seem impossible to avoid.  Perhaps you have a constantly criticizing mother-in-law, or a neighbor who seems emotionally stuck in seventh grade.  Maybe it’s a boss who belittles you when he’s stressed-or someone who is so under your skin you hold entire conversations with them in your head.

  If you, too, have struggled with a toxic relationship, I hope this little instruction manual will help you.

  1. Accept that you are in a difficult situation, dealing with a very difficult relationship

  Your choices here are fairly limited, and, strangely, acceptance is always the best choice.  You can judge and criticize the other person, but that will probably make you feel tense and lonely.  Alternately, you could nurse your anxiety and despair that you’ll never be able to get along with them, which will make you feel stressed and sad.  You can definitely deny their existence or pretend that they aren’t bothering you.  You can block their texts and emails, and avoid every situation where they’ll turn up.  These are all tactics of resistance, and they won’t protect you.  These tactics will allow the other person to further embed themselves into your psyche.

  What does work is to accept that your relationship with them is hard, and also that you are trying to make it less hard.  This gentle acceptance does not mean that you are resigned to a life of misery, or that the situation will never get better.  Maybe it will-and maybe it won’t.  Accepting the reality of a difficult relationship allows us to soften.  And this softening will open the door to your own compassion and wisdom.  Trust me: You are going to need those things.

  1. The other person will probably tell you that you are the cause of all their bad feelings

  This is not true.  You are not responsible for their emotions. 

You never have been, and you never will be.  Don’t take responsibility for their suffering; if you do, they will never have the opportunity to take responsibility for themselves.

  1. Tell the truth

  When you lie (perhaps to avoid upsetting them), you become complicit in the creation and maintenance of their reality, which is poisonous to you.  For example, they might ask you if you forgot to invite them to a party.  You can easily say yes, that it was a mistake that they didn’t get the Evite, and did they check their spam folder?

  But lying is very stressful for human beings, maybe the most stressful thing.  Lie detectors detect not lies, but the subconscious stress and fear that lying causes.  This will not make the relationship less toxic.

  So, instead, tell the truth.  Be sure to tell them your truth instead of your judgment, or what you imagine to be true for other people.  Don’t say “I didn’t invite you because it would stress Mom out too much to have you there” or “I didn’t invite you because you are a manipulative drama queen who will find some way to make the evening about you.”

  Instead, tell them your truth: “When you are in my home, I feel jittery and nervous, and I can’t relax, so I didn’t invite you to the party.  I’m sorry that I’ve hurt your feelings.”

  It takes courage to tell the truth, because often it makes people angry.  But they will probably be mad at you anyway, no matter what you do.  They almost certainly won’t like the new, truth-telling you-and that will make them likely to avoid you in the future.  This might be a good thing.

  1. If you feel angry or afraid, bring your attention to your breath and do not speak (or write) to the person until you feel calm

  It’s normal to want to defend yourself, but remember that anger and anxiety weaken you.  Trust that soothing yourself is the only effective thing you can do right now.  If you need to excuse yourself, go ahead and step out.  Even if it is embarrassing or it leaves people hanging.

  1. Have mercy

  Anne Lamott defines mercy as radical kindness bolstered by forgiveness, and it allows us to alter a communication dynamic, even when we are interacting with someone mired in anger or fear or jealousy.  We do this by offering them a gift from our heart. 

You probably won’t be able to get rid of your negative thoughts about them, and you won’t be able to change them, but you can make an effort to be a loving person.  Can you buy them a cup of coffee? Can you hold space for their suffering? Can you send a loving-kindness meditation their way?

  Forgiveness takes this kindness to a whole new level.  I used to think I couldn’t really forgive someone who’d hurt me until they’d asked for forgiveness, preferably in the form of a moving and remorseful apology letter.

  But I’ve learned that to heal ourselves we must forgive whether or not we’re asked for forgiveness, and whether or not the person is still hurting us.  When we do, we feel happier and more peaceful.  This means that you might need to forgive the other person at the end of every day-or, on bad days, every hour. 

Forgiveness is an ongoing practice, not a one-time deal.

  When we find ways to show mercy to even the person who has cost us sleep and love and even our well-being, something miraculous happens.  “When we manage a flash of mercy for someone we don’t like, especially a truly awful person, including ourselves,” Anne Lamott writes, “we experience a great spiritual moment, a new point of view that can make us gasp.”

  Here’s the real miracle: Our mercy boomerangs back to us.  When we show radical kindness, forgiveness, and acceptance-and when we tell the truth in even the most difficult relationship-we start to show ourselves those things.  We realize that we can love and forgive and accept even the most terrible aspects of our own being, even if it is only for a moment.  We start to show ourselves the truth, and this makes us feel free.

  And, in my experience, this makes all we have suffered worth it.

*Note from Patty…

I read, and RE-Read this little article. I had to think about it for a minute.

You see, I’ve been both the cause of, and recipient of, a Toxic Relationship, and the damage it can cause. I have had to be, dismissed from others, and I have had to, dismiss others from me.  So, I’m on the fence about some of what is written here. Either way, this is great advice, and should for sure be considered, and if applicable to your situation, used.

Reader thoughts? Let us know.

*Favorite Quote…

Appreciation is the highest form of prayer, for it acknowledges the presence of good wherever you shine the light of your thankful thoughts…

Author Unknown

*Patty here, I read that not long ago, and copied it.  I found, it really spoke to me. Do you, have a favorite quote? Send it along.

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*Link of the month…

“Strength does not make one capable of rule; it makes one capable of service.” ~ Brandon Sanderson, The Way of Kings



### Brief portraits of the Halperts’ Books

Abracadabra Moonshine, Stephen Halpert’s first short story collection is an opportunity for the reader to enjoy his unique, original imagination and the characters and situations that evolve from it. His chief intention is to tickle the funnybone and shiver the spine of readers everywhere. Most of the stories are short and quick to read, each one a unique jewel in a sparkling collection. Readers report that they find them entertaining and original, and in some respects reminiscent of the old Twilight Zone TV series.

Heartwings: Love Notes for a Joyous Life by Tasha Halpert is a book to inspire comfort and Joy. It combines poetry, essays and simple spiritual exercises to present a positive way of looking at and coping with everyday life. Tasha Halpert uses examples from her own life to illuminate a positive way for others to see theirs. Her poetry, one poem for each short essay, reflects her poetic view of life and all that goes into making it joyous. The exercises that accompany each chapter can be helpful in creating more positive feelings for the reader.

To purchase copies, send $17. to cover postage and handling to Tasha Halpert, PO Box 171, North Grafton, MA 01536 and if you wish an autographed copy please let us know to whom to dedicate it. Copies are also available on Amazon, Tasha’s book is available for kindle as well, and on order from Barnes and Noble.

Here’s just a sample of their wonderful work. Take-It-Away-Steven…!

Stephen Halpert

             Domestic Tranquility: St. Francis To The Rescue

“Oh no!” Tasha exclaimed. I rushed out the kitchen door of our home on Warren Street. Our porch looked like the remains of the OK Coral after Doc Holiday and the Earp brothers had sent the Clampets gang to Kingdom come. Several flowerpots were overturned. Potting soil had been kicked off the small table. In their pot, the baby Boston lettuce huddled close to the Egyptian onions.

“Now I have a slight hint what people in the mid-east face every morning.”

“They’re angry.” Tasha frowned. “There’s no telling where this could lead. Maybe they’re reacting to the cayenne I put over the birdseed in the feeder.”


“The squirrels.”  She went to the railing and began to put small defenseless plants back into their pots.

“You mean Butch and Sundance?”  I thought about our decimated tomato plants, walked over to the large square green planter and was surprised to see that even more soil had been kicked out.

“Probably. When our neighbor helped me reposition the birdfeeder I put some cayenne into it. Cayenne discourages squirrels and chipmunks, but birds don’t mind it.” She paused and looked at me. “But it’s not just us.”

“What do you mean?”

” I’ll email you an article I read. I think 2014 might go down in history as the summer of the angry squirrels.”

” And it isn’t even the end of April.” I swept up more soil and returned it to the planter. “The forces of nature,” I said remembering the images I’d seen of flood soaked Iowa. “Have you noticed how one natural disaster follows on the heels of another?”

She looked over the railing at the trees to the side of our porch. “I do think the squirrels are trying to tell us something.”

“All the development and building might have something to do with why they’re so upset.”

“No doubt. Creatures are being driven out of their habitat. Where can they find new homes?”

“It’s not like they can buy condos in Worcester.” I went in and returned with two small pots of Hens and Chickens. Then I started back inside.

 “Where are you going?”

“Reinforcements.” I headed into the living room and picked up our statue of St Francis. I went back out to the porch. “I’m going to place him out here where he can do the most good.”

“Do you think that will make a difference?”

“I think doing this makes more sense than using deadly chemicals.”

She patted soil back onto several other decimated plants. “I’d never use them anyway.”

 I looked at the statue of St. Francis. “Ok friend, hopefully you can help. What we need around here is some kind of miracle.  I wonder how Thicht Nhat Hahn would handle this? Would he simply smile, breathe peacefully and leave sliced tomatoes out for them?  But wouldn’t acting that way be reinforcing negative behavior?”

“You could think of it that way, but if the ultimate result was peace…”

We went back inside and Tasha began making lunch. “Look,” she pointed, “the squirrels are getting some food from the squirrel proof feeder.”

I watched as Butch and Sundance pried at the tiny openings on the sides. I saw how they persisted even though it was obvious that the cayenne was having some effect. “You have to admire them,” I said as we watched their antics.

Next morning more soil had been kicked out of the nasturtiums. One clump even lay defiantly on St Francis’s feet. I swept him off. Maybe Butch and Sundance had drawn their line in the sand. They had managed to eat some, though not much of the birdfood.

Tasha sighed. “These things take time, we’ll just have to wait and see.”

“What do you suppose is happening? Might St Francis be negotiating peace in our times with the Squirrel Deva? Think he might be using a Papal Bull to help get his point across? Or maybe he and the Goddess took Mother Nature to lunch and they’re working on some vast ecumenical decree promoting neutrality for all tomato plants worldwide.”

“Somehow, I don’t think that that’s quite the way it works,” she giggled.”

“Personally, I think negotiations over lunch make the most sense, Especially when it’s way warm outside and the restaurant happens to be air conditioned.”

“I think anyone might have their hands full these days trying to smooth over troubled waters with Mother Nature. Personally, I think she’s sending us an important message.”

“So why are the squirrels picking on us? We recycle. We don’t support excessive development or off shore oil drilling.”

Tasha shrugged. We went back inside and I started putting away dishes from breakfast. “Personally, I think they’re hungry and that their food supply is in short demand.”

“The squirrels?”

She nodded. “Maybe schoolchildren could have projects whereby they would leave food outside for all the creatures, not just birds. That way as they relocate their nests and boroughs they could store a better food supply. That might calm things down.”

“Why don’t we leave peanut butter and jelly sandwiches out on the porch and see what happens?”

She smiled. “Or a salad with lettuce and tomatoes. That might be more to the point.”

Several days later the plants were as we had left them. The little buds had started to open. Hopefully St Francis had negotiated a lasting peace; only time would tell.

*Patty, here, I just got to say, I’ve been reading the Halpert’s work, quite a while now, and they do a fine job of entertaining. Miss Tasha’s Daily Planner, is Awesome, and she’s, not so bad at giving Astrological Readings either, so make sure to stop by their Website sometime soon.

Well, folks, that’s it for this week. I’ll continue to reblog other’s work, so keep an eye out, for new posts, as they come along.

For now, this is Patty, and her ever loving Super Awesome King Campbell Lee A.K.A Bubba saying…

May harmony find you, make sure to drop us a line to let us know what you think, and blessid be.

Weekly Word, is edited by the ever Awesome, and Multi-Talented, Claire Plaisted, of Plaisted Publishing House.

The following, is some information, given in her own words, which, will tell you all about her, and what she has to offer.


Hello folks.  Claire Plaisted here from Plaisted Publishing House Ltd.,  I have been busy with a sponsorship and two anthologies at present.  If you wish to join the groups for the anthologies you can find the links here

Ghostly Writes Anthology 2017

Childrens Tales Anthology 2017


Princess Warp CoverFINAL.jpgAs an author I have recently re released a book.  It is for young teens aged 10 yrs upwards.  Princess of the Earth is a story mixed with myths and legends, dwarves, fairies, trolls, Gaia (mother earth) and a dragon called Jagan.  Zoe is about to discover who she is and what her world has become.  Rescued by her friend Fabia who happens to be a good witch they journey forward with an adventure everyone can enjoy.

My next book will be part of the Girlie Adventures, of which three are now available.

Girlie and the War of the Wasps

Girlie and the Quest for Pedi’s Family

Girlie’s Circus Adventure.

Coming soon – Girlie and the Nija Ladybugs










  1. Thanks to Claire Plaisted of Plaisted Publishing House for helping make this possible.

  2. Hi, to Claire, and all!

    Thanks for being part of this weekly offering.

    To, Claire, and all other children’s authors.

    We at Altrusa International Kingsport, are taking new, and gently used, children’s books, as donations for a literacy project.

    Twice-yearly, we attend, an event, with our local Carousel, and give away books to those who come to ride.

    If you, can help by providing a print children’s book, for ages 4-years-12-years-old, we’d be ever appreciative.

    Please email me to learn more, and see http://altrusainternational.org .

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