Weekend Prep Trip

Weekend Prep Trip

Good afternoon CAMPBELLSWORLD VISITORS! Campbell and I here, to tell you of our trip out to get ourselves ready for the weekend.
As usual it couldn’t just a be a straight ‘forward’ trip to the store and home… NO! Not Campbell and me. Really? Why, that would just not be our style at all.

We started out the door at a couple minutes after 10. Bus doesn’t run at the four-way stop till 15 after so I figured I had plenty of time. WRONG!!!
First of all I always have stopped and let Campbell park on the way. That is something I began when I was working, and my trainer advised me that if I was going to start it I could look forward to doing it forever. And as usually he was not wrong. Campbell however for whatever reason felt the need to inspect one blade of grass at a time for intruders, or whatever before proceeding to park, and then he did not do both jobs. Finally convinced he had nothing more to contribute we sat off for the bus stop, and to my dismay it was near time for the bus. We hurried best we could and just made it as the bus was pulling to the curb. Once on and settled, I advised the driver where we wanted off. Although the gPS system on the bus announces all stops and it is my responsibility to stop the driver at the appropriate stop, I always let them know where I am deboarding so they can prepare for it if they need to.

Once at Food City Grocery, we made our way inside. The trip through the parking lot this day was nuts, and we’d gotten two firm traffic checks before we made it to the walk leading to the doors. (Reader’s note, if you want to know what a traffic check is see, Campbell’s Rambles: How a Seeing Eye Dog Retrieved My Life for descriptions of this and other guide dog related terms) http://www.dvorkin.com/pattyfletcher/

I was relieved to make it to the walk and inside, but my relief was short lived. As we made our way inside the door, and turned left toward the service desk, someone called, “Hi Campbell and Patty!” From across the way, and for a moment Campbell was distracted, and almost went labben. I gained control of him quickly, and we continued along our way, but when we got to the desk, there was someone on the guest phone, and a couple in line. People were kind of spread out, and Campbell was not quite sure what to do, so he just stopped in the middle of the floor, sneezed questioningly, gave a huge jingly jangly wiggly waggly shake, and waited. For a moment I was not quite sure what to tell him, and then thankfully someone spoke to us and I was able to get us into line.

Soon we were being assisted, and after we’d bought our rent money orders, we were ready to shop. A very helpful and polite young man assisted us through the store, and finally we had all we’d come for, were checked out and on our way back out to the bus. The young man who had assisted us through the store, carried my backpack and walked us out to the stop. Just as we were making our way there the busses pulled in and our assistant held my pack until we were boarded, and after seeing it safely on with s wished us a great day, and was gone.

My EX Donnie used to say, “People only remember you cause you’re the blind lady on the bus” Or, “They only hurry and help to get you out of the way” But I don’t quite believe all that. I feel the assistance I get at Food City is quite genuine and I have never been made to feel unwelcome. As far as those I ride the bus with? They mostly all know my name, and everyone knows Campbell on sight, and the majority love and respect him in the most awesome of ways.

If I had a real wish, it would be for Mr. Gibbon to see us in action when we get out and about on the bus. Despite our differences, which could very easily be rectified. I believe he would be quite pleased, and I think he would be proud of the report I have with folks in our town.

I enjoyed going out today, and while all I did was what anyone would do at the beginning of the month, and on a friday, it was a very nice experience to be able to go and get that done on my own, and with little assistance.

Thanks Campbell! Thanks Seeing Eye http://TheSeeingEye.org

Thanks Food City North Eastman RD. http://www.FoodCity.com/

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