Weekend Getaway: and Coping with Manic Panic Mode P2

Weekend Getaway: and Coping with Manic Panic Mode P2

Patty L Fletcher

December 19 2015

When last I left off with my tail, Campbell and I had just returned from an awesome weekend getaway which had begun with a trip to the Northeast Tennessee disABILITY Resource Center and a Christmas party better than any I’ve attended in quite some time, and then had continued  with meeting  Bobby for a mini vacation we’d both been excitedly  planning for a couple of weeks.

That had gone very well, in fact it had gone simply AWESOME! And other than some of the issues we’d faced when staying at the Econo Lodge, in my mind it had been one of the most awesome weekend getaways I’d ever had. I hadn’t had many in the first place, and on the few occasions I had it had nine out of ten times been all about whatever the partner or friend wanted. So this time had been an awesome and beautiful change. To our  delight, Bobby and I had found a balance between the things I wanted to do, and the things he wanted to do that had worked so beautifully we’d both noticed and talked about it.

Even the music listening portion had gone awesome for us, with me being able to participate in picking what we listened to by use of my Iphone and Apple Music. This was new for me. Normally someone had to ask me what I wanted to listen to, and read choices when we listened to digital or live stream music. Thanks to my phone, I was able to contribute, and on Friday night had kind of taken over in the excitement of it all, and you know what? Bobby hadn’t gotten upset about it. Instead he’d encouraged me. In fact I turned Bobby on to it, as he’d not yet taken the free trial. It had been an awesome weekend to say the least.   

Now here it was, just Monday and Bobby and I were already planning a get together for the weekend before Christmas. I, could absolutely hardly wait. I’d almost considered going home with him from Johnson City but had a book signing scheduled, and was hoping to sell a few books.

Finally the day of the book sale came. When I woke that morning, I didn’t feel real well. Nothing I could put my finger on, just sluggish, and sleepy. Thinking maybe I’d been burning the candle at both ends and through the middle a bit too much I made the coffee a bit stronger, and gritted my teeth going on with my day.  After a while, either I got used to the sluggish feeling and was compensating for it, or it had gone. Which I’ll never know. I lean on choice number one if you wish for the truth.  By the time the van arrived to take us to Dillys Curiosity Shop for the book signing I was Rockin on adrenalin and had basically forgotten all about the sick feelings I’d had earlier in the day.

Once at the book signing I got involved with chatting about Campbell, my book and more and simply forgot all about everything else. As the afternoon drew to a close however, I was feeling rather sick. By the time I got home, I was sure I was sick, and after I fed Campbell and Bob Cat I went to bed.

I was afraid to say anything to Bobby for fear he’d be upset. I was worried about what he’d think. I was used to people not believing me, wanting me to pretend I was not sick, and do what was planned. Bobby however recognized immediately I was suffering and all he wanted was for me to ‘Be Well’ I smiled that evening as I drifted off in a feverish sleep. ‘Be Well’ was what John Keane was always saying to me. Maybe that was a good sign. I didn’t know, but I knew I wanted to go and visit him that coming weekend and I was going to move heaven hell and earth if I had to, to make sure I did.

I fought that virus all that night and the next day. I first tried to hope and say that it was food poisoning, then I tried to pretend the symptoms were all gone, when in truth they were coming and going like a signal being brought in by Rabbit Ears.

Soon however Thursday was here, I’d gotten a ride with my sister, was packed and ready to go. Bob Cat had been a bit sad about our leaving and had let me know about it. I miss him now as I write. Anyhow, it was pouring rain out, and simply as nasty as it could be, but Mary like me had places to go and people she wanted to see before the holiday and so just like she’d promised, about noonish she was there, we were loading and off. I’d left strict instructions with Michelle and Aaron to watch after Bob Cat and make sure he was in at night.  I’d even left instructions to give him the wet food Mary had brought for him after we were gone so he’d feel that they were going to take special care of him. I hope they have done so.

We got under way very quickly and began our trek to Knoxville, and to Bobby’s house.

The trip itself was pretty normal uneventful in fact. Normal bull shit rain crazed drivers on the interstate, and of course Campbell had to poop when we stopped at the rest stop just before we got to the Knoxville Line. As is always the way of it the stupid bag I had to pick up with had a hole in it. I leaned over and wiped my fingers on the soaked grass and said ‘Thank you Mother Earth’ Mary chuckled as we walked toward the bathrooms but I was serious.  When I washed my hands a few minutes later I gave silent thanks to both Mother Earth and the Water for cleansing and strengthening me.  Once we’d gotten through all that and had stopped for a bite of lunch we were on our way. When we made it to Bobby’s Merry basically helped us unload mine and Campbell’s stuff. Then quick as a flash!   with her sleigh on wheels filled with Christmas goodies and cheer she  was off.

I was happy to be sharing this holiday season with her in this way, and then as we walked in to Bobby’s house the realization of all I have this year came to me all in one emotional wave, and I found myself glad for the privacy of the bath room. It took me a minute or two to regain my composure. I didn’t want to hit Bobby with all that emotion at once, and besides, I was feeling tired and rung out, and simply chalked it all up to that virus that wasn’t  and after allowing myself about three minutes of tears, dried my eyes and went out to begin enjoying my stay.

When I emerged from the bathroom and my moment of tears, I found Bobby and Campbell playing and loving together. According to Campbell’s Behavior it had been at least a half a year or more since he’d seen him, and he had already managed to get hold of his squeaky toy and he and Bobby were in a fierce game of tug wrestle and play. I was so glad to see that it almost sent me in to tears, and running for cover again. Somehow I managed to keep it together and joined in the fun.  After just another moment or two of overwhelming emotional feelings  laughter had replaced my odd overwhelmed feeling and I was totally enthralled with the process of being at Bobby’s house, and the atmosphere of love that surrounded me. To say it was wonderful would be a gross understatement, and I mean that. To me it needs something more something like Magik. That does it, and nicely. Let us not get caught up in that though, for Magik is simply the force of will by use of imagination. Nothing more or less.

Now here it is a Snoozy Sunday morning. My Bobby is sick with the virus that wasn’t and is in bed trying to rest. Campbell is snoring on the couch beside me having just come in from the second frozen park time of the day. Me? I’m sitting here doing what I do best at times like these. I am writing. I am awe struck at how this weekend has gone, and at the things I have learned about Bobby and myself, and how we mesh even better than was first thought by either of us.

We’ve learned while being sick together, that we both like to read, and that we have similar tastes in genre. We have been enjoying a book together, and have had a grand time laughing, being angered, frightened, and even sickened at what we’re reading. We’re enjoying a book called ‘Boy’s Life by R L McCammon’  and I believe I may have read it before long ago, but reading with Bobby has made it all new and awesome, since we have been talking about it as we’re reading it has given the book, hell, the whole reading experience a new feel. I am loving it. I never before had anyone to enjoy talking books with and this has been a treat for sure.  It has been awesome talking about the different topics covered in this book. Learning about each other through the reading of a book has expanded us in a way like nothing else could. You can really get a feel for someone when you see their unbidden reactions to things, and for me it has been so wonderful to see that he and I have so much in common yet that we are different enough to be interesting to one another that words for how it is just won’t come.  

I picked this book, and so I want him to pick the next one and am thinking he might have some he is looking at and that he might even have something in mind to read when this one’s done. To say I am happy would simply not be accurate. I am in a total state of bliss. If only My Sweetie Pie were not sick. The weekend would indeed for me be perfect.

I imagine the rest of our visit here will be simple, and that the plans we had of going for a chili prewinter walk in the park to take photos and videos might have to be put on hold for another day. I’m thinking we probably aren’t going to get to the mall and Santa. You know what else I think? I think I don’t care.  Other than the fact that Bobby’s sick and feeling so badly, I just don’t care.   You know why? Because the things I’ve had this weekend there is no price tag for, and no photo can capture the feeling that is in my heart. Bobby is showing me a world I never knew before. He has taken me in to a world that is like no other in which I ever even visited, let alone lived within, and I am ever glad. So for me, Christmas is truly here.

I am going to close this part of my tale, and later on when the visit is through if anything more awesome than what I have already written of happens I will write of it as well.

Until next time, this is Patty and Campbell saying,

May harmony find you, and Blessid Be.





  1. Hi patty, we had an OK Christmas. Everybody was sick except Curtis. I have a bug that is making me not eat very much. My sugar was over 500 a few months ago now I took another blood draw and it averaged 244. My thyroid is too low I had to increase my meds.they are sending me to pain management to get a tens unit. And I have to go back to the cpap dr again. My phone does not want to stay WiFi. So I blew my data plan this month. Overall I am happy for you that you enjoyed your self in Knoxville. This month has been sad this year Curtis’ mom not being here for Christmas it is our first Christmas with out her or Curtis’ uncle Bill being gone for the first time this Christmas. It has been a horrible month for us. I am glad that you had a good time for Christmas.

    1. Hi, Patty and Campbell here, at library. Everyone here has had the virus. We’re calling it The Christmas Crud. It has many forms, and so I believe it must be a shape shifter. I hohpe you’re feeling better, glad you enjoyed the post. Have a Happy New Year. Can’t wait for real spring. Don’t trust the weather now. Warm now, but for sure won’t stay forever. We’ll pay for it soon, but when spring comes, Campbell and I will come and visit.

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