Voice of My Heart Pt2

Voice of My Heart Pt2

Voice of My Heart Pt2

I want to take just a moment to speak to each and every one of you. I want to make absolutely for sure that you all understand the things that will most assuredly take place from here “Forward” I want to make absolutely one-hundred percent sure you know why. 

As I wrote yesterday there has been some question as to the validity of my book Campbell’s Rambles: How a Seeing Eye Dog Retrieved My Life. As I wrote, and still stand by, I wrote that book to the very best of my ability, as I saw the experiences, and it was in no way untruthful, nor was it exaggerated. Believe or disbelieve, makes no difference.

However, in light of my writing said message yesterday, some things have been brought to my attention. I have had several very private, and very enlightening messages, none of which will I speak of except to say, I now know it wasn’t just me, and that I no longer feel guilt ridden for anything other than how I allowed the things that happened to affect me my behavior and my life.

I also want to say that the best and most awesome reason for all of what has taken place is my beautiful and most awesome Seeing Eye Dog Campbell, and nothing or no one is more important than that.

Since the goal of making Campbell and me into the best dog and human team we could be was more than achieved thanks to all   who helped to make him so,.

I feel the gain more than makes up for the sacrifice.

 I continue  to cast  for truth, and I know that this most wonderful beast that walks happily by my side each and every day will go with me on this quest.

I plan to go “Forward” as a writer, and I plan to most assuredly publish my second book The Raw Truth: Campbell’s Rambles Book Two and soon.

For now, I leave you with the following poem. I believe it says all I feel and more…


 The Puppy Grew Up and Became…


Once upon a time long ago,

When you were very small you know.

In the morning’s early dawn you were born,

But all too soon from your mother you were torn.

You were sent to live far away with a family you thought forever you would stay.

You learned the neatest and  most awesome tricks.

So much more than chasing sticks.

You learned to sit to rest to lay,

You learned to obey in every way.

You did all these things so very well,

And every day you grew.

All too soon your life changed again,

And you made another new friend.

He was your teacher, your very own guide.

Would you forever walk by his side?

No! This was not to be.

You learned all you could from him,

And then,

You were given to me.

Fast we became best of friends,

And it is with me you will now stay until our work together ends.


In honor of Guide Dogs, puppy raisers,  Trainers, and Handlers Everywhere!


May all that is fated, be as it is to be.

May I do no harm, and blessid be.


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