Voice from my heart: dictated! November 27, 2016 with all my love

Voice from my heart: dictated! November 27, 2016 with all my love

Before any other writing is done, let me simply say, I will not speak for anyone but myself. If you have questions for anyone at the Seeing Eye you need to contact them. You may do so by emailing them from their website at http://TheSeeingEye.org/Before I begin my message, let me open with a prayer. I ask you mother father God please speak and me, through me, and out of me. Let my words be honest and true. Let them be spirit led. Thank you, blessings. So mode it be!

When I began writing, and published my first book in 2014 as many of you know I had several ideas of what I wanted to do as a writer. I have talked about that many times, in many posts, so I will let this comment suffice. You may see other posts in reference. I thank you for reading what you have, for reading this post, and any following post. I encourage, your feedback.

Now, I am going to address, and issue! I’m going to do it politely, professionally, lovingly, and carefully. Two, the very best of my ability. With as much self dignity, and respect, as well as dignity, and respect to others.

It has been brought to my attention that there are those, who believe my book to be a poor representation of, The Seeing Eye, mr. Drew given and the other find ladies and gentlemen on my team and beyond. I would like to say the following concerning these comments. First of all, thank you very much for reading my work. For that I am truly grateful. For good or ill, it is always nice to know someone is looking. That, is why I do what I do. I am quite sorry, that you, choose not to believe my writing, my perception, and my experiences, that I wrote of, concerning, my going to, being at, and coming home from, The Seeing Eye.

I wrote my experiences, as clearly, honestly, and openly, as I was comfortable doing at the time. Nothing, that I wrote of my trainer, or any staff, while being at, or after, was untrue. I found them all to be very awesome! Professionally, and personally. I was there. I wrote it as I saw it as I felt it as I lived it like it or not that is what it is. I had no reason, to lie. Then or now. In fact, as it turns out, my honesty, as well as way in which I addressed the issues, I may have caused myself some personal harm. As long as that does not spread to others, in an inappropriate way, that is as it is.

I want to make it known, that I did obtain, all legal, and necessary permissions, to ride as I did. I, sought information, many times, from the publicist, at The Seeing Eye. I contacted her, before releasing to my editor the final draft for publishing. I requested she, gain permission from, all persons, named, or written of in anyway, and gave opportunity, or anyone wishing to see the final draft before publishing, to do so. The only answer I received, was, and paraphrasing, you may proceed permission is granted. Basically, no one had anything to say. It gives the phrase, you would worry about how people thought of you very little, if you knew, how very little they did. Since the writing of my book, other than a few personal notes from the persons who have read my book, Steph and public at large, I have received no negative communication. From some I have received no communication at all. That, ladies and gentlemen might just be a good thing. How ever!!! I would like to qualify that statement by saying the following it is not the job of the rumor mill, to decide what is fact and what is fiction. If you have questions for me, if you have doubts, what ever, you know how to reach me. My email address is Patty.volunteer1@gmail.com
You my private message me, if you have my phone number, or access to it, you may call me, or text me.

I am very thankful that you are reading, for good or bad, again I say it is nice to know people are looking at my work.

We might agree, we might disagree, we might agree to disagree. Or, we shouldn’t be friends. Have a great day 🙂

Everyone is entitled to their opinion!

However, I will say this, just as in the election, if you didn’t vote, you are not me pumping your fist in the air and protesting against! And, with this, if you cannot speak to me about what troubles you, then continue to keep silent.

And now I’m done. Have a great rest of your day, thank you for reading, excuse my dictation mistakes, blessings to you.

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