Virtual – Reality – Communities Collide and Thrive

Virtual – Reality – Communities Collide and Thrive

Virtual – Reality – Communities Collide and Thrive

By Patty L. Fletcher

June 16, 2023

Good morning. Happy #FantasticFriday!

Here, the coffee is hot. The weather will soon be too. So, here’s some love from me and Chief Seeing Eye® Dog Blue.

Earlier this morning, I merged my virtual and reality lives. After hearing the local weather report, and learning it would be 86 degrees later today, Blue and I decided to take our walk about the community in which we live between 8 and 9 rather than in the late afternoon, in order to get in our exercise before the heat of the day set in, and as expected, we found a few folks venturing out their doors to see what the day might bring. Some who venture out in this manner go no further. Others go as far as the nearby bank, grocery, and fast-food joints as they return home. A few, like me, along with grocery, hamburger fixes, and cash at the ATM venture over to the senior center at least once a week for a program or two and then there are the exceedingly rare who go on extended day trips. I would love to go on day trips with my friends.

When we returned full of sun, cheer, and Blue’s good manners in check, as I made him follow all his harness rules, until the very end, when he lay down on my foot, cute as could be and stated, “Visit if you must, I’ll be still and quiet, but I’m gonna lay in the grass to do it.”

Hunkering beside him, giving his silky ears a rub, I agreed, and we continued visiting until all the main subjects of the day were discussed.

It seemed there had been more sickness for my friend and her friends and she was still not able to do whatever it was they thought they were going to do in the area she referred to as “The place.” Which is some property she has bought with another. This seems to have become problematic.

After a fashion, we heard others coming out further up the hill back the way we’d come so slowly getting to my feet from my hunkering crouch on the ground, I bid her an enjoyable day and Blue and I made our way back up and around to the other side. What I lovingly refer to as, “Our side of the world.”

I must admit, once we’re back around on our side, I breathe a bit easier. Though everyone on the other side is nice, polite and most are genuinely glad to see us, there are some who put out all sorts of leftover food scraps, bones, and other treacherous tidbits so I have learned Blue must stay in check when passing.

I miss my old neighborhood. Don’t get me wrong. There were problems there as well. In fact, I’m sure Blue would get little out of harness time there except in the yard. I ran around and chased and played with him in the yard. I had to keep him on leash though as the yard’s fence wasn’t complete. I understand that was fixed after I moved. In fact, I understand everything was fixed after I moved. I’d have found a way to stay had they fixed things. Had I known of the U card and the fact it pays utility bills I could’ve figured the rest out. I miss the two bedrooms, one created for my office, Blue’s crate and toys. I miss the deck, where I planned to put a table and chair so I could write in the early mornings and late nights. Ah well, done bun can’t be undone.

Once we were back with a bottle of water for me and one poured fresh in Blue’s bowl, we settled in for the remainder of the ACB Presents Morning Community Call found in Zoom, Clubhouse and on ACB Media 5. I listened quietly for a moment or two, gaging the mood of the call. Then, I picked up enough to get the question and raised my hand in a virtual request to speak.

When I was called on, my answer to the question of, “What is the best piece of advice you’ve been given?” was,

“Be yourself, let everyone else worry about being themselves. Sing your songs, dance your dance, write your books. Be you.”

I listened for a bit longer after my turn had come and gone, then I began to get other notifications concerning things I needed to tend to, so I disengaged quietly and began readying for the day ahead.

Having the two activities come one after the other is such fun for me. Maybe my life is simpler than it once was. I’m not out saving the world quite the same way, but I’m still going strong and moving along the pathway set before me.

I’m certain things are going as they should be because I know…

There is no part of my life which does not belong to the Goddess.

There is no part of my body which does not belong to the Goddess.

I am she.

She is me.

We are one.

Yet, we are we.

So, mote it be.

Blessid Be.

I state that every day. Sometimes, multiple times a day. I know I’ve a story yet to tell. People are starting to become impatient. They’ve waited quite a while to know “The rest of the story.” It’s coming. I’m trying. It’s frightful. Writing of the times after Donnie went to prison, and I was living first on my own, then, not realizing I was leaping straight from the sizzling skillet into the flaming fires of what would become the final wreckage of my other life, with my nephew and his tribe as my dad called them.

Then, working to get away from all the drama associated with my family and some friends, I began sometimes by choice and sometimes by circumstance removing people from my life. The transformation which took place was painful, grueling and at times breathtakingly cruel. Writing of those things is the scariest thing I’ve done.

However, because I’ve got fans who are also faithful friends, I’m gonna stretch out of my comfort zone, walk back in time, and tell the tale.

When it’s done, don’t say I didn’t warn you. It’s dark, gritty, and terrifying.

It’s also great, tremendously terrific, and incredibly awesome.

So, hang on, it’s gonna be a ride.

For now, the coffee pot is empty, and that should not be. So, this is the end, from Chief Seeing Eye® Dog Blue who is snoozing and me.

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Patty L. Fletcher lives in Kingsport Tennessee where she works full time as a Writer with the goal of bridging the great chasm which separates the disAbled from the non-disAbled. She is Also a Social Media Marketing Assistant.

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