Vikings Love Bling Part Two by Rob Shackleford

Vikings Love Bling Part Two by Rob Shackleford

Vikings Loved Jewellery – Part 2

By Rob Shackleford

Vikings enjoyed fashion and the allure of precious metals. They incorporated this into their day-to-day lives by crafting beautiful ornate ornaments. However, unlike most cultures, jewellery pieces in Viking culture typically had a dual purpose, being used both for aesthetic appeal and as a form of currency, much like carrying money in your wallet or purse.

Picture of a Viking woman wearing a medallion and a two string necklace made with colourful beads. Each end is joined by a large decorative silver piece.

Evidently, Vikings were not the barbarians most people assume they were, they were an organized, sophisticated people with a rich culture that has more in common with most other cultures of their era, such as the Saxons or the many other Germanic peoples of Europe of the time.

In this article I discuss jewellery we treat as common commodities: rings, earrings, and the item we don’t wear so often, the arm ring or arm band.


Author Rob Shackleford has two books currently published, Traveller Inceptio and sequel Traveller Probo. Both discuss the social and political consequences if a team of Special Forces historical researchers were able to be sent 1000 years back in time.

Traveller Manifesto, the third (and final?) novel in the Traveller series will be released later this year.

Like all novels, reviewers are wanted and needed, so please let me know if you are interested in what has been described as a rollicking good read!

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