Vikings Love Bling and an Offer from the Author by Rob Shackleford #WordPressWednesday

Vikings Love Bling and an Offer from the Author by Rob Shackleford #WordPressWednesday

Vikings Loved Bling!

By Rob Shackleford

Vikings didn’t only love fashion; they also loved jewellery.

A photo of a Viking chain in what looks like silver. It is twisted together with a hook so the necklace can be closed when worn. Norse people of old made beautiful and intricate jewellery in the form of bracelets, rings, necklaces, and other items from a variety of materials, including bronze, iron, gold, silver, amber, and resin. Early on in the Viking era—around 800 AD, these ornaments were simple, but as time went by, the pieces became more artistically detailed and sophisticated.

By occupation, Vikings were farmers and, occasionally, warriors. Both the men and women of the Viking community wore a wide array of jewellery, shiny objects that added glamour to their seemingly dark world. But their jewellery also had the secondary purpose of being used as currency in trade.

If an ornament was too large for a transaction, the piece would be broken into smaller portions to suit. Essentially, Vikings used jewellery like we use modern-day wallets.

In this article, I discuss how Vikings made and used necklaces and neck rings, amulets, beads and brooches.


Author Rob Shackleford has two books published, Traveller Inceptio and sequel Traveller Probo. Traveller Manifesto, the third (and final?) novel in the Traveller series, will be released later this year.

Like all novels, reviewers are wanted and needed. Please let me know if you are interested in what has been described as a rollicking good read!

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