Victor Dog Food Recall

Victor Dog Food Recall

Victor Dog food has been recalled.

Victor has recalled their dry dog food due to possible contamination with salmonella. This poses a risk to the dogs but an even greater risk to human health. Please read the email below and change to another diet as quickly as possible. Please carefully discard all Victor food (save receipts for refunds from where you purchased the food). Food storage containers should be cleaned and disinfected before being used again. If you must handle the food, please wear disposable gloves, or wash your hands thoroughly after handling.

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  1. Robbie Cheadle Reply
    November 22, 2023

    I am sorry to hear this. Happy Thanksgiving, Patty.

    1. Hi Robbie. Thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes. I wasn’t using this food but The Seeing Eye had changed to this food then it was recalled and they put out an announcement. This happened some time back but I recently ran into someone who didn’t know of it and so I thought I’d pass it along. I buy food in bulk, always trying to keep at least one if not two bags ahead so thinking others might do this too I thought maybe people might still have some. I posted it on Facebook in some dog groups and got some feedback thanking me for sharing it and I got a feeling that others didn’t know either. Seeing Eye is rather diligent about notifying its grads about such things but not only guides eat this and there are a lot of schools so my feeling is always act on the side of caution.
      I suppose you don’t celebrate our Thanksgiving where you are but eat something yummy today anyhow. 🙂

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