Using wps with a mikrotik router from the commandline by author and blind photographer #Tech #Tip

Using wps with a mikrotik router from the commandline by author and blind photographer #Tech #Tip

Hi, I’m not quite tech savvy enough to understand what all this means. However, I’m betting there are people out there who will find this post from author and blind photographer Pranav Lal interesting and useful.

Check it out here.




Outsmart Blog Hijackers

Keep away those pesky hackers!

Dear author, blogger, and website owner, did you know that 4 out of 5 sites today are set up such that they are ripe for theft?

Think about it, your carefully crafted copy is replaced by ads selling everything from sunglasses to Viagra.

Your users could be infected by malware when they visit your site and your hard-earned trust dissolved within hours.

The Care and Feeding of Digital Certificates build customer trust before they reach your homepage.

How to build trust with your customer even before your homepage loads!

How do you ensure your customer stays on your website and not run screaming from the homepage?

How do you establish instant legitimacy?

What happens if you lose the trust of your buyers?


The Telekinesis Trilogy

Two street children with special powers find a home and solve crimes

Telekinesis – book 1

Can two street children work together and find a home while saving a village?

Led Weight- book 2

Bright toys with a dose of Led

The Cult- book 3

George and Jane go up against a cult

Bakasura an audio comic

Has the demon of legend, Bakasura come to life? George and Jane must find out and rescue the villagers from him.

In case of Emergency

A stranger in her apartment leads Preeti to love, though not with him


A robot of the future goes up against a common Indian soldier.

Venture Capital

A failed entrepreneur moves towards redemption

Scrambled eggs

Ordinary Joe wins back his super cook wife by “trying once” and some fancy food presentation.

About Pranav Lal in his own words:

My name is Pranav Lal, better known in my writing world as Praanav R Lal

I write non-fiction and short stories which are hard to classify but tend towards fantasy and science fiction.

I do not give my characters any breathers and enjoy keeping the action sharp and continuous.

I use a visual prosthesis, thanks to which I am a photographer.

I enjoy technology, particularly cybersecurity which is what pays the bills.

I love interacting, so feel free to comment or say hello.


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