Update On Me #What’sUp

Update On Me #What’sUp

Hi Everyone.

Just a quick update on me.

Overall, today, I am doing well after my vaccine yesterday. No fever no chills, none of that. However, I am feeling rather fatigued and a little weak like someone coming down with or just getting over the flu. In short, Prince Edward could whip my ass. So, I’m moving slow, but I am moving.

I ask you all be patient with me as I recover from this. My body is doing just exactly what it should be doing. It is creating immunities.

That having been said, I have author Abbie Johnson Taylor’s ACB Community Call interview this evening. I have been updating client info and sharing blog posts and dealing with copious mail.

We’re also having some angry storms rolling through so right now we’re in between those and I’m going for a hot soak in the tub.

Then, I’ll be posting a post for author Tony Candela and after that it’s nap time till tonight’s call.

I hope all will attend.

Thanks and have a great day.

PS. Cross your fingers that my stimulus check comes before the 30TH of March. My Buzzsprout feed for my podcast is due and my internet is also due so I must get these taken care of.

One more thing, I have spoken to my landlord and he is amenable to my remaining on a monthly status and not signing a long term lease while I work to adjust financially to the new rent coming up. I have rid myself of some excess spending and changed lawn care companies and found myself 60 dollars more to put toward the new rent. I’m quite pleased and I am certain if I work hard, I can make this happen.

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