Update on Me and Chief Seeing Eye Dog Blue – Surviving#Author’sThey’reOnlyHuman #HealthWorld #What’sUp

Update on Me and Chief Seeing Eye Dog Blue – Surviving#Author’sThey’reOnlyHuman #HealthWorld #What’sUp

Update on Me and Chief Seeing Eye® Dog Blue – Surviving

By Patty L. Fletcher

Moon Phase Waning Gibbous

Good morning, to all. I hope this post finds you well on this Wonderful Woden’s Day!

Can you believe it’s already the 11TH day of January? It’s quite amazing that 10 days have gone and as I sit here sipping my favorite morning brew, I ask myself, “Patty what have you been doing over these past 10 days?”

The answer is simple. “Surviving.”

Even though I have gone out for pottery and groceries and am continuing walks with Blue which contain obedience drills and setting him up for specific work each day, I’m also continuing to fight whatever is wrong with my body.

Our schedule has been affected by this thing too. I find myself so tired by 6 or 7 in the evening, I can barely string 2 sentences together. Most evenings I dose in my chair until blue’s last park time out which has become a bit earlier than normal.

Yesterday, because I was awake by 4 AM and Blue was up and asking to go out by 5, his relief schedule was pushed back as well as his eating time and the next thing I knew he was going out at 6:30 and when we came back in though I offered toys and games, he got himself a drink of water, which was not much because after I refill his bowl at his feeding I don’t refill anymore whatever he drinks between then and bed time is all he gets until the next day unless it’s summer and we take a long evening walk.

But I digress….

Because he had been up and out so early and due to the nice weather, we’d been out extra as well, he didn’t want back out, which means I went to sleep by 7 in my chair and at some point in the night went to bed.

Blue and I were awake at 3:30 this morning and he of course, needed out.

It’s OK I suppose to have this type of schedule while it is dark early in the evenings but I do hope we can find out what’s wrong with me which makes me so exhausted all the time.

Yesterday while I was outside enjoying the sun, I fell off to sleep sitting in the swing and slept there until a cat who lives neighbor to neighbor leapt up into the seat with me. Not a huge deal I suppose, but later on I fell asleep at the keyboard, which happens more each day.

I believe there’s a possible circulation issue going on with me but will not know anything until after tests are done at the end of this month.

I’m dealing with things the best I can and the Chief is on the case, adapting to change which is a big surprise to me since up until now, he has never liked change. I think he’s finally figured out that, though our circumstance may change, I will not. I believe this sickness has done one great thing. It has bonded Blue and me more strongly together.

Blue is taking more initiative than ever and he’s also learning to anticipate me. Which is what I want in a good guide dog. It’s taken us longer to come to this point but now this sickness has been thrust upon us like Jilly from her box we’ve had no choice but to deal with what the Universe has seen fit to give.

For the moment, the coffee is hot, the weather is not, Blue and I are doing well as can be. We thank you for reading, may Harmony find You. Blessid Be.


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Thanks again and have a super great day.

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  1. Keep surviving.

  2. Believing that you shall be filled with energy and loving it, sooner than you think!

    1. I feel I’m gaining strength daily. It’s just the stamina which needs to increase.
      Loves much and thank you for reading and supporting me along this journey.
      It’s nice to hear from those who have been with me for a long time as you have been.
      Here’s to many more journeys together.

      1. Hi Tori, thanks so much for reading and commenting. Knowing I’ve got you along this journey with me makes for easier travels.

  3. I’m sorry to hear you are still struggling with your energy levels, Patty. I know there has been a lot going around and it is taking a long time to shake. I have had a sinus infection that I find tires me out. I hope you get it all sorted soon.

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