Update from Patty

Update from Patty

Update: May 31-June, 2 2017

Re-entry to,

The Campbell Kingdom…

The following has been posted in a couple of forms. I posted to FB, then, when E-mailing, copied, added, or took away, according to whom, I was writing…

We’ve been home now, going into our second full day. Re-entry was a bit bumpy, but is smoothing out. First night, I went a bit bats. Yeppers, got a bit overwhelmed, and for about two hours was very manic, mind jumping tracks, and well… Over-stimulated! Didn’t cover…!

Now, we’re leveling out. Yes, Campbell was crazed out too! We just were not quite as ready as we thought. Campbell settled first. His was more of…” Oh! WE’RE HOME! Sniff…Sniff…Sniff… and did I mention Sniff?

Once I became somewhat re-adjusted, and stopped jumping every time a motor bike started out front, or the dogs barked, I became a bit more relaxed, and then…

First, I didn’t think about being “In Charge” I’ve maintained a one room environment, not a whole house. Should’ve done a bit more coming home and hanging out. Well, nothing is what I thought, but we’re getting into the groove.

Below is a generic post I wrote for all. I’m assuming I’ll get to go back and work with Asbury, upon entering Out-Patient. I’m requesting it LOUDLY!!!

***FYI! Update***

I came home on the 31ST of May, and this is what has happened thus far.

Good awesome morning to you all! I cannot believe we’re into the month of June. It seems like, just yesterday, I was waking to May, and the May-Pole dances, and all. Now, here it is almost the Summer Solstice, and I feel a bit disconnected. Being first, in hospital, then in the Therapy/Nursing Center, really threw me for a little bit of a loop, but here, we are, back up and alive…

Now, I’m going to write about my therapy. While it is awesome, I want folks to realize just how very home-bound, I am going to be.

Firstly, I’ll begin with nursing services today. They will come, and monitor blood pressure, pulse, Oxygen levels, and assess whether I’m having issues of sickness, or thriving. They, will determine, if I need any type of new meds, like for this stupid Sinus junk I cannot get rid of.

I will not necessarily see the same nurse each day, but there is a chart here, and notes will be made daily, and should I have to be taken to hospital by EMTS it would go with me.

Nurses, will report to my doctors, and decisions will be made according to their reports. I will see doctor each 2 weeks ongoing, until I’m rehabbed out. Unless doctor decides other-wise.

In between visits to doctor, if needed, labs can be drawn from home. My insurance is paying for this, and there is no cost to me. I am quite fortunate to have all that.

Now, onto Torture! I mean, Physical Therapy! (Who knew the torturers could find you at home?) The therapist will come 5 days per week. It turns out, I may have more than one, but hopefully no more than three in a rotation. However, I have instructed, that the first time a new person walks with Campbell, and me, we will heel Campbell, then allow him to lead, while following therapist, and finally we will lead out.

This worked at Inpatient therapy, and should work as out.

My therapy will consist of some strength building work, and lots of walking. My goal is to, get so, I can safely walk to and from, both the bus stops I use on a regular basis. I have also, since our meeting thought, that I also should include riding the bus, and making transfers. So, I’ll call this morning, and have that added to the treatment plan.

I will not leave the house, until June 8TH when I will go for the first time to the doctor’s office. At that time, they will let me know if I can go out to places like Food City on the door to door transit. If so, that will be awesome. If not, that will suck! I can say right here and now, that I’m going to have to be a whole lot stronger to get out and about, anywhere. It was one thing, to be out with all my Physical Therapists all around me. It is a whole nother thought to be out on my own, even on the door to door. Right now, I couldn’t climb up into that van if my life depended upon it, and do not know if I’ll be able to do it when I go on the 8TH. That’s a week away, and I might, but if I had to do it now, Nope!

I’ll have home therapy a while. He says 4 weeks for walk to first bus stop two streets away, and 4 weeks for bus stop 4 streets away. So, June, and July. Then Out-Patient, after.

Then if I’m able to ride busses safely, I’ll change to out-patient therapy at Asbury Center.

I am told I’ll be rehabbing the majority of Summer and Fall, and maybe longer, if I were to suffer a set-back.

As of this posting, the doctor’s office has not returned the nurse’s request for meds for infection. This is not good. I worry it will deplete my system further.

I’ve decided to wait one more hour, and if nothing, I’ll call phasicion on call.

I’ve many challenges ahead, physical and more. Due to this illness, my body has been weakened in every way.

Things are hard at times, and sometimes I become discouraged and afraid. I’m hoping as time goes along, my fears, can be driven away.

I’d like to share an earlier post with you. It is a poem, which sums up somewhat how persons enduring, such as what I am currently dealing with, feel at times.

Voice of the Elderly, and disAbled: I’m a People Too!


Stay tuned for more updates. It is our hope that as time goes along, healing will continue to grow, and I can work toward some of the blessings to come from this somewhat frightening event in my life.

There are wonderful possibilities ahead.

Thanks for reading, may harmony find you, and blessid may you be.



  1. Hoping for the best for you. Slow and steady, patience is the key. Wishing you every joy, with love, Tasha

    1. I am doing OK this evening. Still fighting this sinus infection. All prayers are welcome. Thank you for the good wishes. Thank you for reading. My body is still quite weak so I am hopeful to feel better tomorrow.

    2. Campbell and I got out just a tad bit today!

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