Up-Side-Down – Right-Side-Up – Is It All the Same a Poem by Patty L. Fletcher #Blindness, #Conversation, #DisAbled , #Friendship, #Honesty, #MentalIllness

Up-Side-Down – Right-Side-Up – Is It All the Same a Poem by Patty L. Fletcher #Blindness, #Conversation, #DisAbled , #Friendship, #Honesty, #MentalIllness

Up-Side-Down – Right-Side-Up – Is It All the Same
A poem by,
Patty L. Fletcher
Moon Phase Waxing Gibbous

*** Story behind the poem.
These are feelings I have often.
Today, I wrote this poem. If you read it from the top down, it flows and sends a message.
If you read it from the bottom to the top, it does likewise.
In your observation, are the two the same or different in their meaning?
Also, which way do you like best?
I look forward to hearing from you.
Be sure to leave me a comment.
Have a wonderful day.

I know it’s not easy,
to be the friend or lover of someone like me.
Lots of me don’t work right.
Not news to me.
My eyes they don’t work,
I do well in the dark.
I cover my sadness with endless chatter and snark.
I can’t seem to stop.
I’m sorry,
sorry for being me.
I sometimes get down in the dumps.
Feel like life kind of sucks.
To you it seems a beautiful day.
How can you be depressed? You say.
Just take your meds.
Get your lazy ass out of bed.
Be quiet if you please.
You can come just be seen and not heard.
Nobody has a clue how such comments hurt.
Do you have to bring the dog?
Leave the dog at home.
I say no.
Away you go.
Is our friendship gone?
Same old song.
I’m busy, that is all.
Bull shit!
I say.
When I tap off from the call.
I’m done.
I don’t care!
I’m not working to stay well for you.
Nothing I do,
will be good enough for you.
Kiss my ass.
Stay away.
I don’t care.
In the end, you lose.
It’s up to you,
you choose.
I’m gonna live my life best I can.
I know what and who I am.
I’ll make it,
it’s true.
I’ll make it with or without you.
The flipping world,
the flipping world, don’t revolve round you.
You thought you were through with me.
Sweetie pie, it’s you who didn’t see.
It weren’t you done with me.
It was me,
me who was done with you.

Thank you for reading and commenting on my poem.

Patty L. Fletcher
Bridging the great chasm which separates the disAbled from the non-disAbled


  1. Trish Hubschman Reply
    May 19, 2024

    You just told my life story.

    1. I think many of us can relate.
      Thanks for reading.

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