Hello everyone.

I’d like to invite you to read the following and do what you can to help please.

CJ is Claire Plaisted’s daughter and she and her cat Bonnie must get home. So, I’m coming here to my WP, Social Media and email family for your help.

Please, also if you could share.

And now, here’s CJ to tell you more…

I’m Ceejay, and I’ve been in the UK for almost four years now. While it has been an amazing experience, and I’ve been able to meet some wonderful people, I am ready to return home to New Zealand.

In late 2019 I adopted a kitten named Bonnie, and I want to take her home with me. She has just turned two this May and I love her dearly.

Bonnie the cat looking towards the camera with wide eyes. Her face and chest are white, her nose is pink, and she has gray tabby markings around her eyes and on her back.

Bonnie has helped immensely with my mental health, among other things. When I adopted her, I swore I would be her “furever” home, and I have no intentions of going back on that promise.

Unfortunately, I have been having issues saving money to get her back to New Zealand, in addition to all of the other expenses I have had to cover due to the pandemic.

To date, Bonnie has had her Rabies vaccination and the Rabies Titer Test. We’re currently waiting on the results of the blood test, after which we need to book her tick and worming treatments with the vets.

I’ve paid for most of the necessary vet expenses myself, or have asked my sister for help. Unfortunately, saving for her actual travel is the part that we’re having issues with.

I’m currently working with PetAirUK to arrange Bonnie’s travel. The total cost for everything is about £1400, not including the fees I’ll need to pay once I pick Bonnie up at the end of her stay in quarantine.

Most of what I’ve saved will be used to cover the deposit on booking her in with PetAirUK, but I’m worried that I won’t be able to save enough money by myself in the next four months to cover the rest of the fees.

I would be incredibly grateful if you could donate even a little bit to help me and my beloved Bonnie get to New Zealand in time for Christmas this year, as I really do miss my family.

Please share or donate if you can, Bonnie and I would really appreciate it.

Love, hugs and purrs

Ceejay and Bonnie xx

Donate here to help Ceejay and Bonnie: https://gf.me/u/zt3gv3

You can also help by purchasing Ceejay’s digital art!

An abstract image of a tabby cat, curled up with its toes visible to the camera. The image is overlaid with pink, blue, and amber colors, washing out the cat's natural colors. Silhouettes of flying birds also overlay the image, adding to the the surreal feeling. An artistic image of a light-colored cat with dark markings around its eyes. The cat is sitting, staring just over he camera (presumably at its human). The image looks over-exposed, and is streaked with light and blue, purple, and amber coloring to create an abstract image.

Pet photos of any kind will be turned into digital abstract art and then emailed back to the customer for a set price. Photo tiles of art cost extra and include postage – there are different prices for photo tiles for the UK and worldwide.

An artistic image of a dark tabby cat, looking sleepily towards the camera. The photo is overlaid with warm colors, geometric shading, and stars, giving it an ethereal vibe. A square print of a photo, packaged in clear wrapping for shipping, resting on a wooden surface. The print shows a close up of a gray tabby cat with dark stripes.


£20 per photo/per pet: Emailed art only.

£40 per photo tile/per pet: UK only.

£65 per photo tile/per pet: Worldwide.

Half price for anyone who donates to the fundraiser: https://gf.me/u/zt3gv3


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