Unacceptable Bureaucracy Bull Shit

Unacceptable Bureaucracy Bull Shit

I’ve just leaped through various hoops to have a wellness check done on a nonresponsive neighbor. He’s a known fall risk, has other hideous health problems and drinks. No one has heard from him in any way since yesterday some time.

When you call the police, you’re asked if the management has been called. Then I contacted management and got a texted reply of “I’m off today.”

I called the housing authority and I had to nearly go through the phone and rip the little girl’s head off the grumpy lady at the front passed me off to before I got her to listen. I’m ashamed to say I prayed out loud, “Goddess save me from people who don’t know how to communicate.” Whether she heard me or not, at the moment I don’t care. I shouldn’t have had to go through all that nonsense to have someone checked on.

It should be a matter of resident calls police. Police come. If further action is needed call appropriate authorities. I’m sorry I’m ripping mad!


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