Typical Tuesday – A Day at River Road Studio – Lynda McKinney Lambert #What’sUp


  1. The days go by so fast – can you believe we are this far into the other side of March already? I am sitting in my office – and it is dark and rainy outside. This should be a good day to work without thinking of all the work that will begin outside once the days are warm again. Such material is what we have to work with in your creative life. Thanks for sharing this one day in my life on Patty’s World.

    1. Good morning Lynda.

      Thank you for visiting Patty’s World with your wonderful gifts and treasured talents.

      I am always happy to share such cheerful work.

      Yes, the days are flying by and we must make use of each one without waste.

      Love and hugs.

      Patty and Sweet Eddy.

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