Tummy O’Clock Trick

Tummy O’Clock Trick

Good morning readers everywhere!
I hope this message finds you doing super awesome. Even though I am still battling a cold, my spirits are good, and to me, that’s way over half the battle, so I figure I’m not doing so bad for someone who is now trying to keep in rhythm with her sneezes.

Yesterday I had a bit of a rough day, and because I was not as mindful as I should’ve been, I almost made myself worse by taking my cold medication doses too close together.

To say I was a bit buzzy, would’ve been an understatement for sure.

Campbell, took a bit of advantage of me during this time, and what follows is a reconstruction of events.

Well, as I say, I accidentally took doses of cold meds, a bit too close together, so by 5 in the evening, I wanted to do nothing but sleep.

I’d taken Campbell out about 3:30 and had fed him a bit passed 4, so figured he’d be good for a while.

This worked OK, and around 8 or so in the evening, after I had a phone conversation with a friend, whom I’m to go out of town with this weekend, I took Campbell back out, and then promptly passed out.

I slept until sometime in the wee hours of the morning.

I’d been up twice in the night, and after a time, had migrated to the loveseat in the living room to sleep.

I most always end up there, sometime before morning, so Campbell is more than used to finding me there.

Well, this early morning was no exception. When he woke, he came flying up to the living room, and into my face. He gave a big bark, and this woke me with quite a start.

I, still being a bit loopy from my cold med experience the evening before, thought it was later in the morning than it was, so, without really checking, I went onto auto-pilot, and after going to the bath room, and plugging in my iPhone which had gone dead, I, giving no thought to what time it might really be, dropped Campbell’s breakfast into his bowl.

Well, of course he was happy to accept my blunder, and went to town gobbling it up.

As he began to attack his food, it dawned on me from which direction he’d come.

Normally when I go to the bath room, wash my face, and all, early in the morning, Campbell waits anxiously outside the bathroom door in the hall.

This morning however, I realized he’d come from the front of the house, which meant he’d been waiting beside the door to go out.

“hmmmmm? Just what time is it anyhow?” my sleeping brain finally nudged awake enough to ask, and when I looked, I realized Campbell had pulled one over on me for sure.

It was only 2 in the morning.

OOO! I was annoyed with myself, but King Campbell was quite pleased.

As I took him out into the front yard for a quick early morning park, I had to laugh. He was quite proud of himself, and he was letting it be known.

He tossed his head, wagged his tail, and if he could’ve done so, I’m quite sure he’d have barked out loud to brag to all his friends with joy.

As it was, I brought him in rather quickly, and after a bit of snuggling, we both dropped off to sleep again.

I have decided, I will look and see what time it is from now on, no matter what, and I will pay closer attention to things.

Well, until next time, this is Patty, who is still sneezing, and King Campbell A.K.A Bubba who is planning his next tummy o’clock trick, saying…
May harmony find you, and blessid be.

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