#TuesdayRunes – Hagalaz – Writing and Music

#TuesdayRunes – Hagalaz – Writing and Music

Welcome to another segment of our journey through the Elder Futhark Script runes! Today we take a detailed look into the rune, Hagalaz ((hah-gah-laz). The runes are actually divided into three sections, with our symbol from last week completing the Freya Aett. Our symbol this week begins the Hagal’s Aett and basically speaks to unavoidable…
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  1. Thank you for reblogging, Patty!

    1. Hi Jan.

      You’re very welcome. I am enjoying learning about Runes. I’ve been sharing these posts into a Blind Witches group over on Facebook and we were wondering, can you get Runes which are in the shapes of the cymbals shown on them? Being blind we’d need some way to identify them.

      I’ve got a deck of Braille Tarot cards but I’ve never looked into runes at all.

      Can you advise me in some way?


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