Trip to the Doctor Overdue – My Free to Be Me ACB Community Call and Chief Seeing Eye Dog Takes Up Nursing Duties

Trip to the Doctor Overdue – My Free to Be Me ACB Community Call and Chief Seeing Eye Dog Takes Up Nursing Duties

For a few months now, Ive been plagued with sinus issues.
COVID and Shingles in the fall, a serious cold/flue like sickness in early winter, and a mishap with an Easter Lili named Miss Lili by my good friend poet Joan Myles, my nose stayed stuffed up for months.
Also, during this time, I ran into a tree limb, which hit me just below my right eye. It cut me quite nastily, and caused me to have a black eye for almost a week.
Now, Ive got constant swelling on that side of my face, in the sinus and eye area. My nose on that side always feels stuffy, and now, the most disturbing symptom of all, Im having muscle ticks in my cheek and eye.
Needless to say, I have made an appointment to see the doctor. Unfortunately its not until next Wednesday. They told me if it worsened to a level of discomfort I couldnt manage to go to Urgent Care.
Im hopeful its nothing more serious than a sinus infection, but Ive never experienced anything quite so miserable. It causes me to have frequent headaches and sometimes theyre quite painful.
Today, I was in quite a bit of discomfort but my friends on my weekly ACB Community call Free to Be Me kept me company. At one point we were running out of things to say, when a few people came meandering in from another call happening during that time and things picked up until the end of the call.
Overall, I was happy to have the company, and of course we told some funny sickness or strange sickness stories, doctors office debacles, and of course, no free to be me call would be complete without some book talk to go along with all the other craziness of the day.
One of my callers brought up Robin Cook books and that got us talking about all sorts of silly stuff.
The question on the floor was, Can you name either a book or author you cannot stand?
Mine was 1984. I simply could not finish that book, I got in trouble for not reading it and I did not care.
Maybe it was the subject matter. Maybe it was the writing style, or maybe the subject matter, but either way it was not on my TBR list very long.
All throughout the day Chief Seeing Eye Dog Blue, now turned nurse, was always on the case. Every time I sneezed he came from wherever he was to check in.
Some say this is because I make a noise and move abruptly. Others say its because we put off a scent when we sneeze, which Ive never heard before, and now, thanks to Robbie Cheadles In Touch with Nature series post concerning wild African dogs I think it might be that Blue is concerned due to my sneezing communication skills.
Either way, he has been looking after me a lot and just now he went to the loveseat, gave one mighty puff through his nose, a jingle jangly shake, and went to bed.
He said, Mother, you stay there in the Great and Powerful Chair, Im going to take a nap. Ill get up and sniff you, and take you out for a walk while I pee later. Good night.
Oh, what a fine dog he is, and smart too. He is learning to find things, and at first I was not sure how accurate it was, but today, I was asking him to find my backpack, and after he looked in its normal space, he then suddenly turned round, looked about a moment and then went to the hooks on the wall, where I found it hanging.
Blue was not trained for finding things. This is something Im doing with our inactive time to keep him engaged. Besides, its a nice help to have when I cannot locate keys, backpack or phone. Sometimes my short term memory has short term memory issues so having a bit of extra help which doesnt require an app is cool.
For now, theres a Pepsi on ice, the rain is falling but the breeze is nice, and thats the way Team Blue loves it.
Thanks for reading.
May harmony find You, and Blessid Be.

Patty Fletcher lives in Kingsport Tennessee where she works as an author and social media marketing assistant.
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  1. i love the attentiveness Blue has for you and I am sorry you have so many health things going on. You are always so upbeat and encouraging to others. Hope improvement happens quicily.

    1. Blue is quite loving. He gives me all of himself in so many ways it’s quite amazing.
      I believe a lot of my health problems have to do with the conditions underneath my building. I suspect with all the plumbing problems they’ve got going on there they’ve also got mold.
      I also suspect part of this issue may stem from my teeth, and that’s something I must deal with soon.
      I’m hopeful it’s just a matter of needing a stronger allergy med. We shall see.
      Thanks for reading and letting me know you did.

  2. Tasha Halpert Reply
    May 17, 2024

    Hope you feel better soon. Nasal irrigation with salt water can be very helpful to shrinking sinuses. All blessings, Tasha

  3. Hey Tasha. We’re doing that. I’ve tried everything under the sun, and nothing seems to work. I believe there’s a pocket of infection in there. I hope that’s all it is. I am traveling hopefully as the saying goes, and we shall see what the doctor brings.
    In the meantime, I am gonna keep on kickin’
    Thanks for reading and have a super day.

  4. robbiesinspiration Reply
    May 18, 2024

    HI Patty, your sinus and other symptoms sound most unpleasant. I hope you are improving now. Blue is a wonderful companion to you.

    1. Hi, Robbie.
      I don’t go to the doctor until Wednesday, so I’m just continuing what I was doing.
      They’re uncomfortable, and the headaches I am getting from the issue, whatever it is are increasing.
      The rain doesn’t seem to help. I’ve had a headache much of this day.
      I’m just now having another cup of coffee after dozing much of the early afternoon away and checking my mail.

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