Treats for Beasts Two and Four Legged O My

Treats for Beasts Two and Four Legged O My

I was rummaging round for a snack and found what looked like a Santa cookie on top the frig. i’ve gotten a lot of treat bags for both me and the animals and thought I’d discovered a forgotten treat for me. HUMPH! WRONG!
I opened the cookie, took a bite, and…
It was for the dog!
However, on inspection I decided a cookie of that type which even had some sort of frosting would be far too rich for Blue who tends to have a sinsative tummy and so I threw it into the trash.
Lesson 1. Smell cookies before biting them.
Lesson 2. Talk to people who are going to give treats to my animals and let them know what they can and cannot have.
I generally avoid treats except for very specific kinds.
In the meantime, there are no chocolate Santa cookies in my house. DRAT!


  1. Victoria Zigler Reply
    December 30, 2021

    That’s hilarious!

    1. It was indeed, and it was rather nasty tasting too.
      I took a large swig of coffee after but it was some time before that taste went away. Do dogs really think such things are good?

      1. Victoria Zigler Reply
        December 31, 2021

        LOL! I guess some of them must.

        1. Well, dog’s tastebuds don’t quite work like ours but I’m glad I don’t have to eat such things.
          Also the cookie was super hard, and I could barely bite it. Which goes to show how strong a dog’s jaws are.

          1. Victoria Zigler
            December 31, 2021

            Yeah, no kidding!

          2. And people wonder why we go through so many chew toys. LOL.
            I just bought him this squshy doughnut ring a couple weeks ago, and it already has a rip in it and will need replaced when I do my large order next week. LOL.

          3. Victoria Zigler
            December 31, 2021

            I bet. LOL!

  2. Oh that was funny! Thanks, Tasha

  3. Lol. A friend of mine did this with a dog cake we had in the fridge. I can only imagine how hard and unpleasant it would have been. I hope you eventually found some human treats and I hope The taste of this treat didn’t linger in your mouth too long

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