Treasuring Poetry – Meet poet Lynda McKinney Lambert and a review

Treasuring Poetry – Meet poet Lynda McKinney Lambert and a review

Treasuring Poetry – Meet poet Lynda McKinney Lambert and a review

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Today, I am delighted to welcome artist and poet, Lynda McKinney Lambert, to Treasuring Poetry with her thoughts about poems and poetry,

Which of your own poems is your favorite?

I chose a poem on page 127 of my latest publication, Songs for the Pilgrimage, DLD Books, 2021. “Talisman,” is located in Part IV: Landmarks and Landscapes.

“Talisman” (This is a free-form poem)


Lynda McKinney Lambert

(written April 30, 2016)

Visualize a talisman-

precious stones and crystals

woven in bold patterns

plenty of Japanese glass seed beads

tiny drops of perfect symmetry.

I select flawless beads

stab them onto steel needles

hundreds of stitches.

thrust them one at a time

upwards into the heavens


I plunge my thin needle

deep through layers of stiff cloth

make my stitches sure

hold tight.

I’m a warrior woman

thumping my spirit-drum

made of dappled starlight.

I measure timeless days

counting beads in

a mystical circle

held together

with a bronze toggle clasp.

A Talisman brings

protection from evil

healing for weary spirits

nourishment for aching bodies

courage for new directions

on a pilgrimage

over treacherous pathways

guides my dimmed eyes

and nervous steps.

Black onyx ovals

are like a vintage fan

unfurled with a flourish

or a sacred victory flag

prepared to cast an invocation.

my fingers stroke cold stones

glossy-smooth, polished, faceted.

gifts for a King.

Copyright, August 2, 2020. All rights reserved.

What inspired you to write this particular poem?

To learn the answer to that question and more visit:


  1. Thanks for sharing, Patty.

    1. Hi Robbie, it was my pleasure. I loved the post. Such a lovely way to review a book.
      Well-done. I loved the sharing of the poems, the interview questions, the whole deal.

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