Tonight and Tomorrow and the future

Tonight and Tomorrow and the future

Hi CAMPBELLS WORLD VISITORS! I am posting this because I agree with and support this…


9:50 PM, Denver

Dear all,

On this last day of life as we know it, before our horribly dystopian future begins, this is my plan for a tiny act of rebellion. Since the Orange Horror craves attention, I will give him none at all tomorrow. I will watch and listen to no news at all, and I will not even read news on the computer. Instead, I will start tuning in again on Saturday, when all the wonderful Women’s Marches will take place. They are expecting at least 200,000 here in Denver alone. (One person told me that they might get as many as 400,000.) Three of my students are going. (Good for you!) In Washington, they are expecting way more people than for the inauguration, ha, ha!

To all my liberal friends and family members: From here on out, RESIST as best you can in whatever way you can.

YES, they are planning to cut Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, as well as many, many programs that protect the environment, support the arts, etc. Thus we are fully expecting to be directly affected, because we rely on Social Security and Medicare. But even if they cut Social Security, I pledge to send some money every month to some left-wing cause or another, one cause per month. I can’t do much, but I can do that. I hope that many of you can and will do the same.

I hope from the bottom of my heart that none of you suffer. I know all too many — LGBT folks, the disabled, and immigrants — who might. Some of you who are receiving this letter are in one or more of those groups.

Tonight, on the last evening of the presidency of a very good and intelligent man, the night before a very evil and stupid one will begin his reign of intolerance, terror, and greed, I am feeling terribly depressed and worried — and I am sure that all of you are, as well. All we can do is try to hang in there, helping one another, and doing all we can to show that NO, we do not agree with these people. I deeply admire all of you who exercise real activism. Thank you for your efforts! Let’s keep up the good fight.

With love, deep concern, and thanks,

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