Today’s Young Adults:Our Future

Today’s Young Adults:Our Future

Every day I am seeing more and more confirmation that I m getting old. The biggest sign? My continuing realization of how unprepared for the very lives they’re choosing to live. Putting marriage and children into the mix of their lives, the cart as it were; before they have homes and jobs, the horse, to securely provide for them. The majority of them come from dysfunctional parenting such as what I at times provided for my own daughter. I like so many wanted to be anything other than my own parents I went too far in the opposite direction. The result? An adult child who has no respect or caring for her mother.

Not only do we have parents who do not really know how to be so but we also have a huge pack of young adults who have a nasty case of, “I am entitled syndrome” and “me syndrome” as well. We have young men refusing to be fathers. Although they father them at will. We have young women that treat Vacation Bible School workers as babysitters. Let us worry not that the majority of them putting their priceless gifts Fromm God, on a bus with folks they never met! All for the sake of their “adult” alone time. How do I know this? I have done it.

These things go on and more, and now I regret scoffing at dinner round the table, and my heart aches when I hear a mother’s answer when her daughter suggests, that mom read each night. “Wow! That’s a commitment!” I work hard to kill the urge to reach out grab her, shake her and scream! “Having a child is a commitment!”

Our world is sick and dying, and I fear the cure is nowhere. The world is moving on. Yes, right on out of existence.

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