Toastmasters in Practice #Inspirational #Speaking #VIPToastMasters

Toastmasters in Practice #Inspirational #Speaking #VIPToastMasters

Toastmasters in Practice

Do you know how your Toastmasters training translates to day-to-day life? From car shopping and dog training to relationship-building and family responsibilities, discover all the ways your Toastmasters skills can be put into practice.

WOW! While reading this article, I found myself amazed at how many ways what is learned in Toastmasters can assist with every day life.

As I read, I realized how much what I’m learning can assist me with navigating conversations like, how my bus system works, how I work with my Guide Dog Blue and a plethora of other topics.

I can learn,

  • How to keep incredulity from my voice, when realization hits that most people have no idea how things work for a blind person.
  • Anger from invading when dealing with a nasty neighbor.
  • How the same voice I use when telling Blue to stay out of the trash, works when dealing with an obnoxious Walmart shopper.

There are so many ways Toastmasters is making a difference for me, I cannot possibly tell you of them all.

Another thing making a difference is having a club which acknowledges and addresses appropriately the issue of my blindness.

You must discover it for yourself. So, read the article then join us for a meeting.

VIP Toastmasters meets every Sunday at: 3:30 PM Eastern. I hope to see you there.



Read Toastmasters in Practice here.


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