To Summer Smoke by Abbie Johnson Taylor #AuthorsCorner #PoetryPlace

To Summer Smoke by Abbie Johnson Taylor #AuthorsCorner #PoetryPlace


by Abbie Johnson Taylor

Copyright August 2021

When I think of you, I cringe with fear.
Rarely are you a delight to be enjoyed on a cool evening
while toasting hot dogs or marshmallows
or singing songs and telling stories.

More frightening than the ghosts spoken of around campfires,
in some places, you’re all around,
with flames bringing death and destruction.
I can only hope you’ll never darken my door.


Author’s Note: The above poem, which I wrote recently, is, I hope, something to which we can all relate, especially those in the path of oncoming forest fires. To hear a recording of me reading it, go to: Please feel free to email me at:


Abbie Johnson Taylor is the author of two novels, two poetry collections, and a memoir. A third novel will be out this fall. Her work has appeared in The Writer’s Grapevine, The Weekly Avocet, and other publications. She lives in Sheridan, Wyoming. Please visit her website at:


  1. Thanks to Patty for allowing me to post this poem here. Fortunately, here in Sheridan, Wyoming, we’ve had rain here for the past couple of days, which, I hope, is aiding firefighting efforts. But if you’re in an area threatened by a forest fire, you’re in my thoughts.

    1. Hi Abbie. Thanks for the reblog.
      I truly enjoyed this post.

      1. You’re so welcome, Patty. I appreciate being able to post it here. I wrote it recently, and I couldn’t submit it to The Weekly Avocet, since I’d already sent a summer poem. By the time the next issue of The Writer’s Grapevine is published, hopefully, forest fires will be behind us. So, this poem needed to be published somewhere now. Thank you again.

      2. Hi Peter, my experience with getting my vaccine was similar to yours except I was able to go to my local drugstore to receive both mine.
        I, like you had some serious fatigue after my second round but I figure it beats heck out of the alternative.

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