To My Bygone Puppies a Poem by author Trish Hubschman #PoetryPlace #WordPressWednesday

To My Bygone Puppies a Poem by author Trish Hubschman #PoetryPlace #WordPressWednesday

As many of you know, April is National Poetry Month. Today, we’ve had a poem or two and there are sure to be more throughout the rest of this week. but now, as I ready to break for lunch and then for an afternoon of meetings, I’d like to share this poem from Trish with you.

Over the last few months, we’ve enjoyed stories from Trish’s Muttely Crew series. Last year we met Hope and Charlie. Here’s a tribute to Trish’s beloved Puppies.

To My Bygone Puppies

By Trish Hubschman

April 20, 2021


Her 17th birthday is today.

Oh, how I miss her presence.

Possessive she was of her Daddy.

Envious I admit I was.

At 4, she found a new playmate.

Nothing but the best for Hope.

Dogie wanted a doggie pal.

Charlie entered our family.

He stuck to his big sister like glue.

Anything she did, he did.

Ready he was to play, ready he was to protect,

Like the tough little guy he was.

I loved them both so much.

Every day I think of them, but try to smile, not cry.




Trish Hubschman is the author of the Tracy Gayle mystery series, Tidalwave, Stiff Competition/Miss America, and Ratings Game/Talk Show Queen. Tracy is a Long Island private detective. Her sidekick, Danny Tide, is the leader of the rock band, Tidalweav.

She is a graduate of Long Island University’s Southampton Campus and has a Bachelor’s degree in English-Writing. She worked for new York State Civil Service for sixteen years. She lives in Pennsylvania with her husband, Kevin, and their dog, henry.

Her email address is

Her website is


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  1. I think Hope and Charlie liked this poem. Kevin and Henry did

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