To All Those Women

To All Those Women

I have in the past, felt just as this blogger feels, and I agree one-hundred percent with this message!
You’ve not lived, with rejection, hurt, and horrifying reality, until you wake one morning to find you’ve been sharing your life with a sexual abuser of children, and realize that in many ways he’s been abusing you too.

When you have to deal with that, or the loneliness as is described here, or some other hard thing, other than Hubby has a hobby, then you can whine!

I had, note the word had, a friend who did nothing but complain because her husband had a job that took him from her, only four to six hours a day, and only four, yes I said, four, days a week.

While on the other hand griping and whimpering that there was not enough money.

She was the most selfish self-centered hateful psycho mess I ever saw.

You people need to learn to count your blessings.

This post rocks, bother you? Check yourself.

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