TIPS FROM TELL-IT-TO-THE-WORLD MARKETING: What Is KENP In The Amazon KDP Sales Report? #Author’sCorner #Tip

TIPS FROM TELL-IT-TO-THE-WORLD MARKETING: What Is KENP In The Amazon KDP Sales Report? #Author’sCorner #Tip

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Here at Tell-It-To-The-World Marketing (Author, Blogger, Business Assist) where we support talented authors, as well as successful business owners in their marketing, by marrying social media, with more traditional approaches, the goal is to help the client market their Book, Blog, or Business to the absolute best of their ability.

One of the best ways for me to do this, is to share tips with my clients, so that they can define the services I provide them, to better meet their needs.

It is my belief that an author should have all the information concerning the marketing of their books so they can make the correct decisions according to their goals.

With that thought in mind each day, I work to find the best information I can to help those I work with do just that.

Today, whilst scrolling through the multitude of blog posts I subscribe to, I came upon the following article.

Personally, I do not like the Kindle Unlimited plan. I like the freedom to have my books available in multiple venues. Though Amazon is the big kahuna when it comes to online book shopping it is not the only popular way to go. Since I do not like being put into a box, what you will read of here doesn’t work for me.

However, I think well informed is best. So, here’s an article I believe you must read.

What Is KENP In The Amazon KDP Sales Report?

What is KENP? For new Amazon authors, it an important acronym to understand.

KENP stands for Kindle Edition Normalised Pages. Amazon uses the process as the formula to calculate the number of ebook pages read by a Kindle Unlimited subscriber.

For every page of your ebook that a reader reads, you earn royalties.

Amazon determines the amount month-to-month, which depends on the size of its Global Fund.

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