TIPS FROM TELL-IT-TO-THE-WORLD MARKETING: Be Professional, Follow the Guidelines #Blog#Submission#Tips#Magazine

TIPS FROM TELL-IT-TO-THE-WORLD MARKETING: Be Professional, Follow the Guidelines #Blog#Submission#Tips#Magazine

I must say, that today, I’ve learned that no one pays attention to correct procedure.

Since I put out the information for The Writer’s Grapevine which has very specific guidelines for submitting and subscribing I have received…

1.      Emails which include none of the requirements for subscribing

2.      Submissions with no queries for guidelines

3.      And queries which included no information as to how they heard of me or what they were submitting for.

People, please! You must be professional when dealing with me.

I do not…

·         Take submissions from people who haven’t visited my blog

·         Read my magazine

·         Submitted a correct query for guidelines

·         Do not follow said guidelines.

Nor do I send out my magazine to those who do not make a correct request.

My guidelines are simple but they’re specific.

So, Now, To submit to The Writer’s Grapevine, I must request that you write a query just as you would to any other magazine.

If you wish to be featured on my blog, you must again write a professional query.

Your query must include…

1.      Who you are.

2.      Where you are published if you are and where you blog if you do.

3.      Where you heard of me.

4.      Whether you’re querying for a subscription to The Writer’s Grapevine or to submit to the magazine.

5.      If the magazine you must specify which column you wish to submit to.

6.      If the blog you must specify whether you are querying about the Featured Business of the Week or the Featured Author of the Week.

From here on out anything which comes to me incorrectly will be immediately sent over to file 13.

If you wish to see my submission guidelines they’re listed on the homepage of my blog under “Submission Guidelines.”


To read back issues of The Writer’s Grapevine on the web visit:

Have a good day.




  1. I intend to publish the Writer’s Grapevine information on my blog today.

    Just want to know if that is ok with you – or any other things you would want me to put with this article.

    I just posted the Book Review of Shelley’s book and had made a draft to highlight the Writer’s Grapevine. I’d like to get that out this afternoon – ??? Lynda

    1. I sent out an advert for it the other day.Hi. You are welcome to post anything you wish on your blog. There is an advert out for the Grapevine. If you need that. Let me know when I will send it to you. But you should be able to find it on the blog. It is titled subscribe to the writers grapevine. And it is under the category of writers grapevine.

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