Tips for Organizing Your Marketing Life #Advice #Marketing

Tips for Organizing Your Marketing Life #Advice #Marketing

In this age of constant communication, information and stimulation it is important to have things so that we can put our hands on them as needed.

“This has always been so.” You say, and you’d be right, but now what with multiple devices and instant messaging and email I’m finding some are having a hard time coping.

Here are a few tips which may help.

  1. Cloud.

No matter whether you prefer Dropbox, OneDrive or some other similar thing, if you’ve got multiple devices this is going to be one of your most important tools.

First, create your documents folder within your preferred place. I use Microsoft 365 and the OneDrive and so that’s what I’m going to reference here.

I have many files and folders. I think of my OneDrive as one big file cabinet. I have folders for writing, folders for articles, short stories, essays and poems. I’ve folders for each of my clients, I have folders for photos used for advertising and for personal pictures as well. And I have sub folders within a lot of my main folders.

When someone sends me an attached file I immediately save that file into its appropriate folder, and that way no matter whether I’m using my Laptop, phone, or at the library using one of their computers, I can access my files.

It’s also important to do this because should you suddenly experience a technical meltdown all isn’t lost.

  1. Email Folders.

Email folders are my second safety net. Without my Email folders I couldn’t do. I use the Outlook app and Gmail so again, I can access my email from any device that I am on. Even though I save attachments and other things people send me directly to their designated folder in my OneDrive, I also put that email into a folder until I’ve used whatever that item is or until I’m absolutely sure that it saved to the place I told it to go.

I have been rearranging my filing system lately and I’m amazed at just how many files I have. At last count it was over 3000. But, at any given time I can simply by doing a search, or by opening that large main filing cabinet, open any folder I wish and find what I need.

For now, this is Patty who loves organizing files on her devices but hates to clean out a closet or drawer saying…

Happy organizing, watch your head when opening the coat closet by the front door, may Harmony Find You and Blessid Be.

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