#TipOfTheDayThoughtsAreThingsMakeThemGoodOnes I’d love to know your thoughts on this pos t. Check it out here.

#TipOfTheDayThoughtsAreThingsMakeThemGoodOnes I’d love to know your thoughts on this pos t. Check it out here.

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  1. I agree. We have much more power than we believe we do when it comes to controlling our thoughts. During the Covid pandemic, I set out to write my third book, “Apples of Gold: Timely Advice When the World Doesn’t Seem Lovely” because I saw so many people taken captive by negativity, and sometimes I was hard pressed not to fall into that tempting trap myself. But it is my firm belief that gratitute is a daily choice, much like exercising or eating right. We can choose to be bummed out or blessed, and it sets the mood for our entire lives.

  2. Hi Jo. I’m so sorry for just now getting back with you. I love your book Apples of Gold. I read it often. Just slip into that lovely positivity every time I pick a story to read. I especially love the one you write about the time you were cooking and invited a neighbor to eat and how full the skillet got. I know there are some who wouldn’t believe that. Some people just do not know or care to learn the blessings to be received when living on faith but I’ve experienced such things first-hand and I know they are so. I once went to bed knowing I had barely enough grounds in the bottom of the coffee can to make one cup of brew. I gave thanks for it, curled up with my Bubba and went to sleep. Somehow, that pile of grounds in the bottom of that can ended up making two full pots of coffee. Gratefulness and Happiness are a choice. It’s hard, like you say but darn worth it.
    PS. Do you want a Kindle version of my book gifted or would you like a PDF copy?

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