Tiger in the Night by Christian author Marlene Mesot #Author’sCorner #Friday’sFinds

Tiger in the Night by Christian author Marlene Mesot #Author’sCorner #Friday’sFinds

Tiger in the Night

by Marlene Mesot




Sleet tinkled on the roof like shattering glass while Sandy and Amber Chambers slept. A chilling soaking outside made a warm bed feel that much more comforting inside to produce a deep, satisfying, rest. But some unknown something had caused Sandy to stir.

Man, what a dream! Well, I’ll just roll over here and make it real…What was that? Lightning? It’s so dark…I don’t hear anything now. Talk about a mood killer.

Sandy wiped sweat from his forehead as he passed his hands over his face, then brushed through his sandy brown hair. He stretched.

Thunder? Sounded like it. Yeah, there’s the lightning again. Hmp. It won’t wake Amber though with her hearing loss. Maybe I should…

He started to roll to the side.

What in the world? Sounded like the floor squeaking. That’s inside. Who’s out there? What are we going to do against…Against what? Did I really hear the floor squeak? Yeah, there it is again.


Sounded like something hitting the wall. Now what should I do? I have to get up. Should I wake Amber? Is this an emergency? I need to find out what’s going on first. Then I can decide what to do.

Again thunder rolled and lightning flashed.

As Sandy started to shift his weight to move, Amber stirred.

“Sandy…Are you awake?:

“I was just going to investigate. I hear noises.”

‘What noises?”

“It’s thundering outside but I heard something in the house.’

Amber repeated. “Something in the house?”

Sandy nodded and sat up. He looked for his slippers and robe and then put them on. He stood.

Amber asked. “The house is locked. Right?”

He nodded. To himself, I think. Aloud he said, “I’ll be right back. I need to check on things.”

Amber wondered to herself. Is that really a good idea? Sounds like something banging…Coming closer! Aloud she exclaimed, “Sandy, wait!”

The bedroom door, which had been ajar, began to slowly open.

Amber’s eyes widened as she strained in the darkness to make out a broad shadow at the door.

“Oh, it’s just Tiger.” Sandy reported.

“What!” Amber’s voice was shrill as she squeaked.

There was a smile in Sandy’s inflection. “It’s just Tiger, our new dog. The St. Bernard puppy we got today.” He motioned with his hand. “Come here, boy. Good dog, Tiger.”


This story resulted from a homework assignment for Creative Writing Now The Craft of Fiction Course Lesson 4: Inner Dialogue.

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