Tidbits from Author Abbie Johnson Taylor #Mycorner

Tidbits from Author Abbie Johnson Taylor #Mycorner

Good morning.

Today, Abbie has for us, a cure for the winter blues.

I had to laugh when I read it.

Not only is it snowing outside and cold as it Canby, but it tickled my funny bone.

Click over and see.

While you are there, like and follow her page to keep abreast on all her writing endeavors and more.www.facebook.com/988391584616528/posts/2661237290665274/


  1. Thank you for posting, Patty. I hope this chases away your winter blues. As for me, I’m afraid if I tried it, my neighbors might call the cops. Being admitted to the hospital for a psychiatric evaluation is not on my to do list for today. Smile emoticon.

    1. Oh. I doubt whether anybody would call the cops LOL. You never know? If you told people what you were doing they would probably join in with you. I think everyone is tired of the winter.

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