Tidbits from Abbie Johnson Taylor #mycorner

Tidbits from Abbie Johnson Taylor #mycorner

Abbie would like to invite you to click over and enjoy this post from her Facebook page.

While you are there she invites you to like and follow so you can keep updated with her latest book and related information. Your feedback on her page is most welcome so please do drop by and leave a comment on this or any other post you wish. Thank you and have a great day.www.facebook.com/988391584616528/posts/2658945777561092/


  1. Thank you for re-posting, Patty.

    1. Hi, you are welcome.
      I noticed that you share these every day.
      What was your inspiration for doing that? How did you get started? Do you get a good response on your page from it? I noticed also, since you have begun sharing them on the email group that I run, people discuss them. Brings up some lively conversation LOL. Anyway thank you for visiting here on the blog today. Come back anytime.

      1. I started posting these on Facebook a couple of years ago after I got my first Amazon Echo device. I discovered that whenever I said good morning to her, she gave me some interesting information, and I thought it would be fun to share it with others. I’ve since discovered a skill called volley.fm, where I get some of the tidbits I post.

        Responses to my posts on Facebook vary. It depends on the content. Some days, I get a lot of likes and comments, but on other days, I only get maybe a few likes. These daily posts also serve as good writing exercises to start my day. Thank you for your interest, and thank you again for sharing.

        1. Fascinating. I never thought about that being part of your daily writing exercise. Now I have learned a tidbit about you. Any tips for writers out there?

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  2. Yes, I have several pieces of advice to share. First of all, write every day. Even if it’s just an email message, it’s something you’re writing.

    Second, read, not just books in your genre but books on writing and magazines such as The Writer and Poets and Writers. These materials will help you hone your craft.

    Third, get involved in writers’ groups, especially those that offer critiques. The more you receive feedback from others and follow their suggestions, the more your work will improve. Of course, if someone’s suggestion doesn’t feel right to you, don’t incorporate it. Your story, poem, or essay is your baby. So ultimately, you should write it how you want to write it. I hope all this is helpful.

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