Thursday photo prompt: Timeless #writephoto

Thursday photo prompt: Timeless #writephoto

Hello writerly people everywhere.

Here’s this week’s photo prompt.

Visually challenged persons be informed that this photo is described and you may participate in the challenge.

I participated last week and a month or so back and it is fun to do.

Use your imaginations and get those creative muses chattering.

If you’re a client and you wish to participate but don’t blog, how about sending to me. I’ll put you on my blog.

Sue has taken the time to describe each prompt photo let’s make it worth her effort. So many don’t bother.

We here at campbellsworld love you sue!

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Patty.

    1. My pleasure.

      I’m working on a short story for this week’s prompt.

      It was already in the works and now the prompt has jumpstarted it.

      Tomorrow’s my day off so I plan to do it then unless Campbell has to return to vet.

      1. Thanks, Patty. Hope Campbell is okay.

        1. He keeps having set back with illness.

          1. Bless him. Hope they can get him right again soon.

          2. Trying to find transport to vet.

            If your photo was of a bus I’d have to write about the one that was invisible.

          3. Oh dear… that is not an easy situation.

          4. Nope.

            But. No stranger to it.

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