Thursday photo prompt: Castle #writephoto


  1. Thanks for sharing, Patty.

    1. Hi, you’re very welcome. Hope people participate.

      1. We usually have a good few who join in, which is wonderful.

        1. I’m glad. I try to read them when I can but of late it seems I’m so far behind I may never catch up. LOL.

          1. I can quite understand that…but as it is my challenge, I always read them all.

          2. That’s how I am with the things posted onto my blog. Always try to be available for comments, reblogs, etc.

            It’s time consuming but well worth it.

          3. Absolutely.

  2. Thanks for sharing, Patty. Castles do set the imagination aflame. Hugs.

    1. They do indeed.

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting.

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