Throw It Out Thor’s Day!! !

Throw It Out Thor’s Day!! !

Patty L. Fletcher

In the Beginning

As It Is Written

A.K.A. Lady Laya MoonWalker



Well Friends and Neighbors! Yall wanted it out here  for all the world to read. You don’t want to go chasing a link, or take the trouble to find out what else might be lurking round the bend? Well, that’s OK! Everyone gotta do what they do, I got to be me, and you got to be you!

Just remember, this is off the cuff, and the only editing done here is from my head, heart, and Microsoft Word 2016 Spell-Check!

This morning I just have to get a few things off my chest.

First off my favorite two affirmations…

“The world is not perfect. So, I need not be perfect.”

“If you don’t want people to know how you are, don’t be that way.”

One of my Abe Adaptations…

“We never get it done, never get it right. If we’re real lucky, we just get it!”

I could go on and on with just stuff like those few… I Won’t, I must talk about a few things I heard as I listened to a portion of NPR Morning Edition. First, we have no choice but do something about North Korea   least we do nothing, and end up Charcoal alaugh Radiation! I cannot help that China is worried we’ll see some of what they’re up to. [Refer to affirmations]

I cannot worry for it because even though I despise much of Trumpian Nation I have to agree with Don’t sit and do nothing where this is concerned. Sometimes this Nuclear shit sucks! Someone loses, and someone wins, and we’ve seen the results already. I don’t have all the answers, but I for one am tired of a Passive-Aggressive Approach! A little less talk, and allot more action…

Next, and before I go onward, let me just say this is in your face, and out there speaking… I mean no harm, but yall asked…

I heard an article of deaths taking place due to the warmer weather causing normally frozen lakes, ponds, etc. to be partially thawed. People going out onto partially frozen bodies of water and getting killed doing so. I think this is a sad thing. I am shocked at the numbers listed. The issue I have was with the subject matter they chose for their example.

They profiled a case concerning two friends who “Went out drinking, caught a ride to one of their houses, and neighbors, when asked reported hearing a “Snow-Mobile Start Up and Leave at 3-AM and not return.”

Investigators say, “It appears they went out for a quick loop, and back, but went off course and ended up into the mushy snow/ice mix.”

Yes, warmer weather for whatever reason contributed to this horrifying accident that seems to be rapidly becoming a health risk… But no one spoke to the fact of their Les-Than Responsible behavior of Drinking, and Operating a Snow-Mobile at 3 AM in Unfavorable Conditions…!!! ***FYI*** (Inappropriate Behavior) Get upset with me if you will, I care not!!! Please? Ladies and Gents, use some common sense when dealing with such conditions…! Hoax or no, the Earth is heating up! Would you like to know why? Because she is…” Mad as Hell, and She Aint’ Takin’ It No Mo!!!”

Volcanos, Title-Waves, Earth-Quakes, Storms!!! Fires, and Floods!!! Earth!!! Saying, “ENOUGH!!!”

Gun Violence? Mass Shootings? Police using Excessive Force??? Why??? Not enough Gun Control? Maybe… Too many Illegals? I Don’t Know… What I do know is…Allot of mass shootings turn out to be a Mentally Ill Person Off Meds, or Out of Treatment. Police and Excessive Force have been linked to PTSD and other Stress Related Issues… Why? Because we No Longer Have a Mental Health Treatment System That Works!!!

We No Longer Have…

*Long-Term Hospital Stays… Used to be if I needed medication adjustments and therapy I could be hospitalized for several weeks ranging from 2-5 in length, and while there receive a Physical and Mental Evaluation…

Group and Individual Therapy, as well as Return to Life Preparedness Classes…

Day-Passes to help me readjust, and After Care!!!

What did we Replace With?

3-5 Day Stays, No Inpatient After Care, and a Over-Worked Therapist, and Doctor you see for 5-15 Minutes every 3-6 Months!!! INAPPROPRIATE!!!

Now, yall still want me to post? This will also be sent to Claire and Blogged!!!

If you read, thanks. If you have a comment for or against, speak! Blessid Be!!!

Until next time this is Patty and King Campbell A.K.A. Bubba saying…

May Harmony Find You, and Blessid Be!





  1. goodthaimom Reply
    March 10, 2017

    Hi, Patty The title doesn’t match the content, so it was somewhat confusing. I do feel that there needs to be a lot of fixing in the mental health care system. We need it more now than ever! Good mental healthcare. I believe there should be an annual mental health exam just as there is an annual physical health exam. It is deplorable the state of mental health. Thereare so many causesto fight for. I feel we need to teach responsibility for ones own actions. Penny

    1. Hi, and thanks for reading. The title is a play on words. Throw it out (As in Throw it out there on the table, and talk about it!) It’s an expression used much. At least in my circles. Thro’s day is the Greek name for Thursday. Hope that helps. I’d be more curious to see what you thought of what it says rather than spending all your time hung up on the title.
      Thanks again for reading. Have a great day.

    2. Hi again! Wanted to come back and chat a bit more about the reason for the title. I was a bit rushed this morning and after reviewing my comment felt it needed a bit more explanation. Unfortunately because it was meant as sarcasm explaining might be hard in writing. 🙂

      Anyhow, as I said, Throw it out, is as to “Hey, what’s bothering you? Sit down, take a load off, and throw it out there? We’ll talk about it over.” Or something similar. Thor is a Greek God who the day Thursday was named for, and was in Ancient Greece, called Thor’s Day. So Throw It Out Thor’s Day. I really am sorry, and didn’t mean to make you confused. I had hoped the commentary would be interesting enough the title wouldn’t be so important. Lesson learned. 🙂

      You’ve inspired me, as I’m doing the seeking of things to put in my weekend review. I’ve been doing those occasionally and enjoy reviewing my week gone by.

      BTW? I’ll be putting the Consumer Vision up shortly here on the blog. I enjoyed your VIPS Do you happen to have anything tucked away different from what’s in there to send to The Neighborhood News? If not, I’ll pick something up from a couple other new sources. Have an awesome night, and I’m looking forward to your next blog post. 🙂

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